Threats and Opposition

And a Sovereign God

Soroush Sadeghzadeh | Sun, 5th Feb 2017

As Nehemiah leads people to build the walls of Jerusalem, they encounters threats, opposition and criticism.

As Nehemiah leads people to build the walls of Jerusalem, they encounters threats, opposition and criticism. Nehemiah does what he’s great at; he clings on to the God who called him to this task, and encourages people to “remember the Lord who is great and awesome.” To live a life worthy of God’s name is not going to be without pain and suffering, but Nehemiah points us to the one who carried the ultimate pain and suffering on the cross to set us free; the one who gave glory to the Father, the one in whom there is salvation and protection (Isaiah 26:1). Through their faithfulness and perseverance, the next generation had a legacy to build on. What is our reaction to criticisms and threats? What is the legacy we’re going to leave for the current and the next generation?

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As this series comes to an end, we see that the Jesus is the greater Nehemiah. As Nehemiah rebuilt the walls, Jesus rebuilds our lives. Whilst Nehemiah struggled to keep the people faithful, Jesus transforms our hearts so that we can faithfully follow him.

Simon Rogalski
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Philip Yancey wrote, 'Too many churches have become mausoleums for the dead rather than coliseums of praise for a living God. They have lost the spirit of Pentecost. They have lost their enthusiasm. They have lost their joy for Jesus'. Lack of joyfulness in the church today is a major barrier to salvation and mission. Laughter and celebration are marks of Spirit filled churches - a jubilation not based on unstable desires but rather a rock solid God. Do you want this radical joy? Do you want a happiness that can grow even in suffering? This is the promise of the Christian God. Let the temperature rise!

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