IGNITE at Jubilee


If you’re a young person, we passionately believe that God cares about you and has an amazing plan for you and your life!

IGNITE, our 11-18s group currently gets together on a Friday evening. This consists of both social and bible study evenings. 

Social evenings

During our social time we focus on growing as friends and allowing space to spend time together and unwind after a long week at school. We enjoy plenty of games, as well as time where young people can simply relax and be friends. We are passionate about young people being released into leadership and so regularly give opportunities to lead games and activities during these social nights.  These evenings are a great opportunity for you to invite friends along too!

Bible study evenings

As well as these social nights, we have a Bible study every other Friday. These evenings always start with a time of joint worship together; we encourage anyone to pray and share what God has put on their hearts during these times. We then split into two different groups: Ignite for 11-15 year olds and Impact for 16-18's. This gives the two groups an opportunity to focus on different topics relevant to different stages of life. Each group will have a short talk followed by time to discuss. We usually end with a time of prayer, which gives us an opportunity to pray for some of the things going on our lives.

As well as our midweek meetings, we also run a Sunday morning group for young people in schools years 6-9 roughly once a month. This allows us to unpack the same passage as the wider church in a way which is more engaging and challenging for young people.

All these evenings are totally free, however we do have a tuck shop for snacks and drinks, so you can bring along a bit of change for that. 

Last Updated: Tue, 4th Oct 2016

"Youth is so much fun! It is a great time to relax and learn with amazing people. Our fantastic youth leaders plan fun nights, going to the park and listening to interesting talks. We also enjoy worshipping, praising and encountering God."


Meet the Team:

Gavin Rodgers

Gavin serves on the Eldership team at Jubilee playing a part in the oversight of the Church. He has been an Elder since May 2017; he also leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside his wife, Hayley.

Hayley Rodgers
Youth Leader

Hayley leads the Youth Work at Jubilee working with 11-18 year olds. Hayley is responsible for the organisation and administration within the Youth team. Alongside her husband, Gavin, she plays a valuable role in serving the life and vision of the Church.