It's all about team

Serving and teamwork is very important to Jubilee. Therefore the following groups of people do the work of the church.


This is our biggest team and encompasses the whole church! Men, women and young people from all walks of life, ethnic groups, social backgrounds and with different gifting serve all over the place! To you ALL…..a BIG WHOOP!!! It couldn’t happen without you! Thank you.


This is a team of men (some staff and some volunteers) who father, govern, oversee, shepherd and bring direction to the church and are accountable to God for this.


The Trustees meet regularly, usually together with the Elders, to deal with all legal and statutory matters in relation to the control and management of the Jubilee Church Teesside registered charity. They are a great support to the church and serve us all so well in delivering God-given strategy.

Wider Leaders

This dynamic team comprised of group leaders, ministry leaders and influencers in the church help the elders in formulating and implementing strategy and vision.

Staff Team

We also employ some of the team at Jubilee specifically for functions which support the mission of the church. They generally function from our offices but some have wider roles too.

Last Updated: Tue, 4th Oct 2016

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!"

African Proverb

Meet our Elders:

Gavin Rodgers

Gavin serves on the Eldership team at Jubilee playing a part in the oversight of the Church. He has been an Elder since May 2017; he also leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside his wife, Hayley.

Simon Rogalski

Simon serves on our Eldership Team playing an integral role in the oversight of the Church. Simon, and his wife, Jodie, can often be found behind the scenes making everything happen.

Raj Saha
Lead Elder

Raj leads our Eldership Team and is instrumental in the oversight of the church. Together with his wife Charlotte, Raj invests in all areas of the Church and our teams.

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