Young Adults at Jubilee

Named after the passage in Matthew, where Jesus quotes Isaiah, referring to himself as the chief ‘Cornerstone’ - the stone at the centre of any building, from which all other stones align. Cornerstone is our young adult's work for 17-35 year olds, focused on equipping young adults in their walk with God as they look to place Jesus at the very centre of their lives.

Deliberately not a separate ‘young adults’ group, Cornerstone encourages each young person to engage with the multi-generational, multi-cultural life of the church. We don’t want to take people out of mid-week activities, but instead encourage them to partake in the full life of the church. We believe that relationships across different ages, cultures and languages are mutually beneficial to all. Therefore instead, Cornerstone looks to promote relationships and discipleship through a specific series of formal and informal events.

Whether it’s an informal breakfast before church, or a more formal day away, we look to encourage friendships throughout our diverse group of young adults. Friendships that spur one another on; friendships that are Christ Centered; friendships that serve one another; friendships which are outward looking. Each young adult is encouraged to pursue and promote friendships within the Church. Where possible, individuals are encouraged to organise informal get-togethers to provide a platform to further grow in relationship with one another.

Under the Cornerstone umbrella, we encourage young adults to serve in the church, to take on leadership responsibilities, to disciple others and seek discipleship for themselves. Our aim is not to make ‘discipleship’ a formal activity, but an integral part of everyday life in the community of the church.

Whatever your stage of life, if you’re between 17 and 35, you are not only most welcome at Jubilee, but we love you to be a valued member of our community. We encourage you to belong in every way possible. Do come and seek out the Cornerstone community and find out how you can serve in this as we do life together.

Be encouraged, there are many ways to serve in Jubilee, from Sunday morning set-up, to babysitting mid-week. We are family together, and you are welcomed in.

Last Updated: Tue, 4th Oct 2016

"Cornerstone is a great place to know your family church better and it's awesome to spend time with them outside church."


"Cornerstone has been a great opportunity that has helped me to grow in my faith and know my church family better."


Meet the Team:

Gavin Rodgers

Gavin serves on the Eldership team at Jubilee playing a part in the oversight of the Church. He has been an Elder since May 2017; he also leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside his wife, Hayley.

Hayley Rodgers
Youth Leader

Hayley leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside her husband, Gavin. Hayley is responsible for the Organisation of the Youth team. Alongside Gavin, Hayley also serves on the Devoted at Costa team.

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