It All Starts And Ends With Jesus!

‘Bringing the joy news of Jesus to everyone everywhere’

Our Vision

At Jubilee Church Teesside it really is all about Jesus….How his story changes yours!

At the end of Matthew's Gospel Jesus charges his followers to Bring the Joy News Of Jesus to Everyone Everywhere. This is something we at Jubilee want to increasingly take seriously and which forms the basis of our vision.

As a church, we are committed to ‘Going’! We want to be able to represent Jesus in every part of our lives. Whether this is in our workplaces, schools, homes, the places we meet, or wherever we find ourselves. This is what we mean by Bringing

The 'Joy News' is Jesus' gospel. It’s the message that He brought into the world about God's Kingdom - heaven beauty and justice up there, making a difference to the brokenness and injustice down here. And we ALL can be part of that ‘rebuilding’ as we chose to put our trust and hope in Him. Sharing such Joy News with others is our passion.

Finally, we want to take this message to Everyone, Everywhere, expressing our ‘no limits’ heart. Our ‘no limits’ joy. Our ‘no limits’ devotion to serving our city, our nation, and the nations. It’s expressing an ‘all-out’ faith and ‘bigness’ of spirit towards others, especially the unlikely ones - the marginalised, the poor, the ethnically excluded and disadvantaged. Crossing divides. Bringing ‘Oneness and Difference’ together. 

That where we are heading…..Bringing the Joy News Of Jesus to Everyone Everywhere.

You can find out more about our Vision by clicking here

Our Values

But who are we?
How our vision outworks itself is largely based on our Values.
In Jubilee, we have Four Values that shape everything we do. Values that increasingly change the culture inside and outside. Values that are rooted not in ourselves but in the very character of God. They are:

  • We Rejoice - Because God is our Strength and our Song
  • We Welcome - Because God is Love
  • We Inspire - Because God is our Father
  • We Go - Because God is Our Light

You can find out more about our values by clicking here. Or you can watch a short video about our values by clicking here. 


The following are a few of the spotlights, focus areas, flowing from our values, that we will be giving ourselves and our resources to over the next few years and will hopefully give you a feel of how you can play your part with us!

We Rejoice 

  • Everyday Prayer - We want speaking and listening to God to be central to all we do in Jubilee, not just in terms of formal gatherings, but whole life drenched in prayer!
  • Everyone Worship - God has made us a very diverse church. We want our worship to reflect that, with different styles and languages keeping creativity and prophetic stirring at the forefront.
  • Word in Everything - We are passionate about the Bible. It is God’s Word to us! We want to encourage everyone to broaden their understanding of the bible in lots of different settings and help them to encounter Jesus, as they read it and apply it.

We Welcome

  • Raising a Multicoloured Family - In the book of Revelation, we see a glorious picture of a diverse multitude of people in heaven worshipping God. We want our church to reflect that diversity, releasing people from different nations and backgrounds into all that God has called them to.
  • Extraordinary Welcome - the early Church in the book of Acts describes its members as being devoted to each other, we want to reflect this when we welcome new people to church, giving them an extraordinary, all-out, ‘Devoted to each other’ welcome.

You can find out more about our Spotlights for our first 2 Values by clicking here.

We Inspire

  • Leadership Opportunities & Discipleship - All of us have an influence in some way. God has made it so! We want to equip all the church to be able to influence the world in a positive way as they grow closer in relationship to Jesus.
  • Advancing Nations - We are part of a global Church, because God is a global God. We want to continue to build relationships with and serve churches throughout the world.

We Go

  • Everyday Missionaries - Being a Christian isn’t just about Sunday mornings. Our relationship with Jesus impacts every part of our lives. We want to be equipped to take Jesus and His Joy News into the places that we spend the majority of our time.
  • Remember the Poor - Loving and serving Jesus means loving and serving those on the margins. We want to continue to serve and love the most deprived and vulnerable people on Teesside.

You can find out more about our Spotlights for our first 2 Values by clicking here.

Last Updated: Thu 22nd Oct 2020

“We believe that the Church is the hope of the world, the Bride of Christ. Ultimately we exist to see the Kingdom of God demonstrated here in Teesside, throughout the UK, and out into the wider world. This means loving your neighbour, caring for the poor and sharing the joy news of Jesus.”

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