Safe Families

Children and Families in a crisis

Safe Families for Children (SFfC) is a great charity that we are involved with. It supports families in crisis and can provide assistance in a range of ways. More information about what it does can be found at We have some excellent people in Jubilee that support our SFfC volunteers, so if you're interested in volunteering with SFfC you can get in touch with one of them at

Last Updated: Thu, 6th Oct 2016

"I wanted to get involved with Safe Families for Children as a family friend because I wanted to make a difference. I haven't got a wealth of parenting experience but I think it can be just the small things that can help a family that are struggling. Being someone to talk to. Being someone to go to the park with. Being someone to share a coffee with. Being someone to give mum or dad a break for even just a hour. These things, things we can take for granted in our own lives, can make all the difference to their family."