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We are Jubilee
We are Jubilee
The Values That Shape Us
15th Sep 2019

As we start our new sermon series on values, Raj asks the question, 'Who are we?'  Over the next few weeks we will look at each of the 4 'We' values and what they mean for us.

Raj Saha
Guest Speakers
Christ In You
The Hope Of Glory
Colossians 1:27
8th Sep 2019

As Christians we are called to share the joy-news of Jesus with those around us and whilst they are not the primary motivation, there are benefits that we receive through doing this. Adrian helps us to see five benefits that will, ultimately, bring us to a fuller understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

Adrian Holloway
Elders Letters
His Tender Mercy
An Invitation to Springtime
Luke 1: 78-79
4th Sep 2019
Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Where Do We Belong?
Psalm 84
1st Sep 2019

What does home mean to you? Jill helps us to see from Psalm 84 that if we've chosen to follow Jesus, our home is with God. This is a truth we need to know, even when the journeys of life take us into times of 'weeping' or difficulty. It is at these times that we're to dig into God and his goodness.


Jill Ball
Psalm 8 - The Greatness of God
Understanding our significance to the God of Creation
Psalm 8
18th Aug 2019

When we consider that God made every one of the countless stars and planets it is easy to think of ourselves as insignificant to him. In this talk Jonathan and Angela help us to focus on our significance to the God of creation, if we truly are known my God what should our response to this be? 

Jonathan Knight, Angela Knight
Psalm 13 - Unfailing Love
Finding Jesus in our Lament
Psalm 13
11th Aug 2019

The Psalms give us permission to Lament. In Psalm 13, David shows us how, in the depths of our Lament, to lift our eyes to Jesus to rejoice in his Unfailing Love.

Miriam Maude, Matthew Maude
Psalm 84
Discipline and Revival
Psalm 84
4th Aug 2019
Denis and Cerian Smit
Elders Letters
Faith in an Insta-world
Apprenticeship with Jesus
1st Aug 2019
Simon Rogalski
Psalm 40
Our Helper and Deliverer
Psalm 40:1-5
28th Jul 2019

We may think our pit of destruction is too deep to climb out of but we need to wait and have faith in God.  Elham shows us from this psalm that it is God alone who is our helper and deliverer.

Elham Veisi
An Introduction To The Psalms
Going For The Mind Through The Heart
Psalms 1 and 2
21st Jul 2019

It is said that in other books of the Bible, God speaks to us, but in the Psalms, God speaks for us. The Psalms help us to express the ups and downs of life. We'll explore a different psalm over the summer and in this talk, Simon gives a brief introduction to the Psalms and why they are such a great treasure to us!


Simon Rogalski
Guest Speakers
On The Road to Emmaus
Jesus restores hope
Luke 24:13-35
14th Jul 2019

The gospel writer Luke records that some of the first people that Jesus chooses to reveal himself to following his resurrection, are two disciples that were on their way out of Jerusalem. Andy helps us to see that Jesus comes to those who are downcast and have lost hope. The transforming message of his victory over sin and death changes us and sends us out into the world.

Andy Martin
Will He Ever Learn?
God Uses Imperfect People
Jonah 3:10 - 4:11
7th Jul 2019

Jonah's mission to Ninevah was a success, yet this was not down to the effort of Jonah. God uses an imperfect person to turn a nation and he still uses imperfect people today. Lou wraps up our Jonah series and encourages us to consider what it is to know God, how we can bring our prayers to Him and how we can freely receive the grace He has for us.

Lou Watts
Elders Letters
Take your chance!
Making the most of every opportunity
3rd Jul 2019

I couldn’t possibly write an Elders’ letter this month without at least making reference to that amazing night in Madrid on June 1st and Liverpool FC’s historic sixth Champions League trophy. Non-football fans…please don’t switch off! 

Gavin Rodgers
10 Steps To Revival
I Don't Think So!
Jonah 3:5-10
30th Jun 2019

Revival is on the lips and hearts of many Christians in our day.

Jonah reluctantly preaches just eight words of doom to the Ninevites and all of them repent and cover themselves with sackcloth and sit down in the dust, from the highest to lowest (animals included!). What can we learn from the multitude of God's revival waves through history? What can we learn from bible revivals? What do revivals look like? Be filled with faith and expectation as we explore some key features of Christian revivals.

Raj Saha
Going To The City
A Call For Each Of Us
Jonah 3:1-4
23rd Jun 2019

As Jonah finds himself washed up on dry land after his time in the belly of the fish, he is met not with judgement and rebuke but with a second chance. This time Jonah followed his calling and went to the city of Nineveh. In this talk Gavin unpacks what this might have meant for Jonah, and what we can take from this as individuals today as we go into the cities around us. What does it mean to 'go to the city'? How can we do that practically? Is this a calling just for individuals or a greater call for us as a church?;


Gavin Rodgers
In The Belly Of The Fish
Undeserved Grace
Jonah 2:1-10
16th Jun 2019

Running away from God has brought Jonah to a low and desperate place. There can often be moments of despair in all our lives, yet it's often in these moments that we discover the depth of the love of God. Simon reminds us that it is the grace of God that we need to keep receiving as we walk through the highs and lows of life.

Simon Rogalski
That's Not Very Christian!
What Do We Say?
Jonah 1:11-17
9th Jun 2019

Why are there so many people outside the church who are seemingly 'better people' than churched people? Why haven't Christians got it more together than non-Christians? How can we believe in a faith that seems to have sanctioned war, violence, racism and injustice over the years? And what about those ‘religious fanatics’? 

What do we say to these very valid questions.? How does the Jonah narrative help us critique Christianity and indeed ourselves? Let's delve deeper!


Raj Saha
Elders Letters
The Gift Giver
Better than we can imagine
5th Jun 2019

Birthdays usually mean presents and so as we approach Pentecost Sunday, the day many Christians would mark as the birth of the Church, do we see the Church as a gift to the world? What does this mean for Church unity and the mission God has called us to?

Raj Saha
Wake Up!
We Are Jonah
Jonah 1:7-16
2nd Jun 2019

When we read the Bible, we can sometimes be quick to identify with heroes, like David or Joshua. Yet, how often do we identify with someone like Jonah? God planned to bless the whole world, yet when Jonah was called to play his part in this mission, he ran. We are like Jonah when we choose our way, instead of God's. However, God will have His way and when our identity is secure in Jesus Christ, we find we're enabled to live for him and even to bring our big questions to God, rather than simply running away.


Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Facing the Storm
Our way or God's Way
Jonah 1:4-8
26th May 2019

As we move on in the story of Jonah we see Jonah caught in a great storm along with the rest of the people on his ship. As people, we often face various storms in our own lives as individuals; difficulties, illness or suffering. We also see great storms which face us as a society - the world can be full of storms! In this talk, Gavin looks at what the different reactions in this story can teach us about our reactions to some of the storms in life that we face. Should we deal with them in the same way that Jonah or the Sailors did or is there an even better way?

Gavin Rodgers