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Our WE Values
Shaping Who We Are
Luke 18: 15-17
19th Sep 2021

We're passionate about 4 values in Jubilee that influence all we do. Simon looks at an event in Jesus' life where he welcomed children and how we can know more about our values through this passage.


Simon Rogalski
Jubilee Vision
Bringing The Joy News Of Jesus To Everyone Everywhere
John 4: 3-28
12th Sep 2021

As we settle into our new building we kick off a brand new sermon series looking at the Jubilee vision and values. In the first of these vision talks, Gavin unpacks our Jubilee Vision statement 'bringing the joy news of Jesus to everyone everywhere'.


Gavin Rodgers
Guest Speakers
A Page-Turning Moment
The Beauty Of The Church
Isaiah 62
5th Sep 2021

Isaiah 61 is a passage of the Bible that has always shaped Jubilee. Jeremy speaks on the following chapter as we enter a page-turning season!


Jeremy Simpkins
Elders Letters
Stories of Martyrdom
Unless a grain of wheat falls...
31st Aug 2021
Raj Saha
Matthew 12: 46-50
22nd Aug 2021

'Without love for Jesus, church stops being family. In my experience church then descends into something else.' Jesus loves us and chooses to live amongst us as family. What might it mean to be the family of God?


Simon Rogalski
Luke 10: 38-42
15th Aug 2021

What is so special about being at home? What is it that makes us long for home after being away? In this talk, Gavin continues our 'Home' series by looking at what is so significant about having a home. Looking at the topic of 'household', we see the significance of belonging to God's household and how that affects our day-to-day.

Gavin Rodgers
8th Aug 2021

Home is an important concept for everyone, we all long for a place to call home. In this series we will look at different aspects of 'home' for us as Christians. In this first talk Raj unpacks the topic of 'Temples' God dwelling in us as beleivers. 


Raj Saha
The Armour Of God
Strong In The Lord
Ephesians 6: 10-20
1st Aug 2021

As we come to the end of Ephesians, we're told that the Christian life is a battle and we're to stand firm. But what does that mean and what do we do?


Harold Wilmshurst
Elders Letters
New Sunday Meeting Venue
Yarm Road Methodist Church
28th Jul 2021

As we come out of our Covid restrictions and look into the next season for us as Jubilee, I wanted to take this time to share some news with you regarding our next steps as a church.

Jubilee Church Teesside
Slaves and Masters
Does the Bible condone slavery?
Ephesians 6: 1-9
27th Jul 2021

In Ephesians chapter 6, the Apostle Paul has something to say to slaves and masters. Raj speaks on how Christianity and the gospel message creates a world in which slavery becomes unimaginable.

Raj Saha
Love And Marriage In Ephesus
Spiritual, Sacrificial and Symbolic
Ephesians 5: 21-33
18th Jul 2021

When we look at the culture that Paul was writing into, we realise that Paul's teaching on marriage in Ephesians was radical. Is it still radical in our Western culture today and can it help us to develop strong and healthy marriages?


Simon Rogalski
Dunamis: Righteousness
Living For God
Ephesians 5: 5-21
11th Jul 2021
As the Apostle Paul moves his letter to the Ephesians from a theological place to a more practical application we see a description of how to live a righteous life. What does this word mean? 
Gavin Rodgers
Culture and Clothes
Living The New You
Ephesians 4:17-5:4
4th Jul 2021

Meeting Jesus is totally transformational plus we've got a new kit to wear!


Simon Rogalski
Sit, Walk, Stand
Unity As We Walk
Ephesians 4: 1-17
27th Jun 2021

The Chinese Christian, Watchman Nee wrote a book based on Ephesians called Sit, Walk, Stand. This passage tells us that we can walk humbly in submission and building each other up in love.


Raj Saha
Elders Letters
Jesus left us with faith in God
Surviving in Covid-19
25th Jun 2021

This month, we're privileged to have Michael Akotia write a blog for us. Michael along with his wife Mabel and three children (John, Keziah and Grace) are dear friends to us. Michael leads City of Grace Church in Ho, Ghana and serves on the Christ Central Churches International Team.

Michael Akotia
Guest Speakers
Our Father
The Way We Pray
Matthew 6: 9-13
20th Jun 2021

As we mark both Refugee Sunday and Fathers' Day, Mojtaba speaks to us about how Jesus taught his followers to pray. Telling us to start with 'Our Father' shows the amazing privilege with which we come before God in prayer!


Mojtaba Kargar
A New Confidence
Empowered By The Spirit
Ephesians 3: 14-21
13th Jun 2021

Today's talk comes from a member of our youth group at Jubilee Church Teesside. What does it mean to be confident? As Paul continues his letter to the Ephesians we come to a prayer where he encourages the church to be rooted and established in love, a love that comes from the knowledge of God.


Dunamis: The Mystery
Sharing The Good News
Ephesians 3: 1-9
6th Jun 2021

Paul has received revelation about a great mystery! The Jews and Gentiles are now both heirs to the amazing riches of God. This was mind-blowing information to the Ephesian church. In this passage, we see different examples of how Paul shares this exciting news. As Christians, we have exciting news that the world needs to hear! What can we learn from Paul about being bringers of good news?


Gavin Rodgers
Elders Letters
The Great Biblical Bake Off
More than just ingredients
1st Jun 2021

Have you ever thought that there might actually be a number of similarities between our Christian walk and baking a cake? Gavin explores some of these similarities in this month's Elders letter!

Gavin Rodgers
Breaking Down Walls
A New Humanity
Ephesians 2: 11-22
30th May 2021

One of the most powerful things God has done is make one new people out of two. Chris speaks on how Christ Jesus has destroyed the walls that divided us and brought us close to Him and to each other.


Chris Onyedinma