A life of worship

At Jubilee we are passionate about worship and helping others to worship Jesus. Worship is not simply an hour or two on a Sunday; rather we believe in living our whole lives as worship. That also means that worship is at the very heart of all we do in Jubilee.

One of the ways in which we express our worship to God together is through music and singing. At Jubilee we have times of vibrant, Spirit-led, musical worship, where different people can contribute something that can help us to focus on Jesus.


Last Updated: Mon, 26th September 2016

Meet the Team:

Andy Colclough
Worship Team Leader, Community Group Leader

Andy leads the Worship Team at Jubilee, and together with his wife, Jen, leads one of our Community Groups. 

Shirley Graham
Worship Leader, Kids Worker, Sparklers Team

Shirley is part of the Sparklers team, as well as forming part of the Alpha team. Shirley can also be found leading worship on Sunday mornings.

Upcoming Events:

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We believe we are called to a lifestyle of Prayer. We encourage daily prayer, but also gather at different times throughout the week to pray.


Community is a key part of who we are. There are many ways to belong, and a mid-week group is a valuable way to be in Community at Jubilee.