Life On The Front Line - Intro

Finding Your Purpose

Gavin Rodgers | Sun, 24th Jan 2021

One of the most common questions asked by people today is, 'What is my purpose?'. There is something within us that cries out to know our reason for existing, and people search in many places to find it. As Christians, we have the perfect answer. Jesus tells us that our new purpose is to take his joy news into the world and live for him! As we kick off our brand new series, Gavin looks at what it means to be people impacting our frontlines with Jesus' joy news. We all have a frontline, we all have our day to day.....are you effective in yours?


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Joy News
The Work Of Our Hands
Impacting Your 9-5
Philippians 2: 3-8
21st Feb 2021

We have all experienced that 'Monday morning' feeling, the dread of getting up and starting a new week in our 9-5. Something is ingrained in us that makes us feel negative towards work, it stops us from having fun and spending our time doing the things that we would actually like to be doing. What if, though, that wasn't God's original intention for work? What if work is actually a positive thing, given to us in order to allow us to bring about good things? In this talk, Gavin unpacks a Biblical vision for work and how this plays out in our lives. What would it look like to be people of impact in our 9-5s?


Gavin Rodgers
Joy News
'A Small House Will Hold 100 Friends'
Mark 4: 34-41
14th Feb 2021

Every culture has a concept of friendship. Soroush shows us that when it comes to our frontlines, friendship is service, diverse and prophetic.


Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Joy News
Social Media
The Digital Frontline
Luke 10: 1-11 & 17-20
7th Feb 2021

If Jesus calls us to 'go into all the world', does that include the digital world? Can social media and things like it be a frontline for us? Simon looks at how Jesus sent out 72 of his followers and how that might shape our digital life.


Simon Rogalski
Joy News
Make Friends, Try Alpha
A Frontline Lifestyle
31st Jan 2021

It started with a question from a visiting friend who asked what our plan for helping people find Jesus was. It led to a commitment to 'Make Friends, Try Alpha'. In this talk, Raj explains why we do Alpha!


Raj Saha