Gift Day 2016

Joyful Giving

Simon Rogalski | Tue, 11th Oct 2016

On Sunday 16th and 23rd October, we'll be having our annual gift days. We will be giving to Jesus and all that together he has called us to. Please come in prayer, faith and excitement as we declare the riches of His grace!

Our gift days are primarily about resourcing our Isaiah 61 4R vision, (Receiving Jesus, Reaching out, Restoring community, Releasing everyone) and as we approach these gift days, we feel as elders that there are 5 particular priorities being highlighted to us right now:

  1. Alpha Strategy – The Autumn Alpha has got off to a great start with around 20 guests and more planning to come to week 2. Our Alpha strategy is pretty simple. Make friends, ask them to try Alpha. That means as a church making opportunities for people to find out about Alpha as well as putting on excellent Alpha courses. It also means having things available for people after the course has finished.
  2. NewDay 2017 – At NewDay our young people encounter Jesus and are transformed by his gospel. Much of the cost of taking our young people there is met by the church, and we are pleased to be able to do that! This is more than just the Newday camp though. It’s about helping our young people to live out the passion for Jesus they experience at the event all year round.
  3. Raising and Training Leaders – We want to keep training our existing leaders and raise up new ones too. Some of that training takes place in other places and some of that is within Jubilee. We want to send more leaders on training opportunities like those through the Christ Central Churches training base and bring more people here to train and equip the whole church.
  4. Nations – As a church which is made up of many different nations, we want to continue to grow our friendships with churches in other nations, particularly with Michael Akotia in the Volta Region of Ghana, with friends in Yalova, Turkey and through Paul and Gill Catterall’s growing links with Shiloh Church in Ethiopia.
  5. Helping new people belong – This means creating places where people can find out more beyond Sunday mornings and where they can hear our vision and see how they can have a part to play in that. Having the right information and processes for people as well as opportunities where they can socially meet others in the church and make friends are key to this.

As we approach the first of our gift days this Sunday, please do pray and consider what your gift might be. Thank you for being so faithful over the many years in all sorts of ways. These really are exciting times!

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