Belong: Week 1

A Multicoloured Church

Mahvash Sheibanian | Tue, 10th Nov 2020

In the first talk of our new belong series, Mahvash looks at God’s diverse church and his plan for people from many tribes and tongues to be part of his kingdom. Exploring some of the issues faced by people from different nationalities and races as well as looking at how we as a church can support integration better. This talk is in Farsi, if you would like to head over to our youtube channel, you can watch the video with English subtitles. 




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Belong: Week 3
Compassionate Church
24th Nov 2020

In the third of our Belong talks, Simon explores what it means to be a compassionate church featuring an interview with Steve Whittington. What type of poverty will we experience in different people that we meet, and what does it look like to truly be a church that reaches out to those around us? 


Simon Rogalski
Belong: Week 2
All Ages Church
17th Nov 2020

In the second talk of our 2020 Equip Group Gavin looks at the topic of different ages being released within the church. The Bible talks about people of all ages being released and having a role to play in the church. As churches, we need to ensure that everyone is included and given a sense of purpose! We need to think about the next generation, but also the gift and wisdom that comes with age, different generations can support each other and learn from each other on our walks.



Gavin Rodgers
Belong: Week 1
A Multicoloured Church
10th Nov 2020
Mahvash Sheibanian