Gavin Rodgers


Gavin serves on the Eldership team at Jubilee playing a part in the oversight of the Church. He has been an Elder since May 2017; he also leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside his wife, Hayley.

Gavin is local to the North East and has been part of Jubilee for 10 years since moving across from Darlington where he grew up. Gavin became a Christian at the age of 16 after being invited to a church youth group by one of his friends.

Gavin is extremely passionate about young people and Teesside. 

Gavin and Hayley have 2 children, a daughter called Eden and a son called Ezra. Gavin works full time for Jubilee.

In his spare time, Gavin enjoys  football and is a huge fan of Liverpool FC.

My Story

Gavin's latest Resources:

Elders Letters
Ha Ha Hallelujah
Lessons about joy and faith from little ones
5th May 2022

Watching my children sing and dance along to their favourite worship song taught me a couple of lessons about joy and faith. Jesus also had a lot of say about having childlike fath when teaching his disciples in Luke 18. 

Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Loaves and Fishes
Eyes On Jesus
Matthew 14: 13-36
1st May 2022

As we come to two of the most well-known and widely spoken about miracles in the Gospels we see a common problem with the disciples. On both occasions, they fix their eyes on the problem in front of them rather than on Jesus.


Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Kingdom Secrets
Matthew 13: 1-46
3rd Apr 2022

As we come to the mid-way point in Matthew’s Gospel we find a chapter where Jesus tells a number of different Parables about the kingdom of God. What can we learn from these everyday stories with hidden spiritual messages?


Gavin Rodgers
Why Pray?
Week 1
15th Mar 2022

In our first week we heard Julie's story of prayer in her life, followed by Gavin speaking on why prayer is important.

Julie Travis, Gavin Rodgers