Sunday Celebration

Sunday 9th August 2020

Jubilee Church Teesside | Sun, 9th Aug 2020

Good Morning!

You can join in our Sunday Celebration from here, on Facebook Premiere from 10:30am or from our YouTube Channel.

Thanks so much for joining us. All of our weekly celebration is now in one video.

Time to Pray

We would love to give you an opportunity to respond to what was shared this morning. If you are watching this with your children, encourage them to get involved with the prayer response too.

  • Our challenge now is to take what we have been learning from our study of Hebrews 11 and apply it to our own everyday circumstances. Are you trusting God for promises He gave you, maybe years ago? Ask that He would help you to trust in Him.
  • Talk with God about set-backs to your life-goals you may have experienced or uncertainty that you're living with at the moment. Thank God that he doesn't expect you to have it all together. Ask Him to show you the small choices that you can make each day which can build a habit of faith over time.
  • Pray that God would use you/us this week to share the joy-news of Jesus with those around you/us.

For Children


Watch this video about Gideon and how he defeated the Midianite army!

Memory Verse

"Go in the strength you have...Am I not sending you?" Judges 6:14


Make your own torch just like the ones Gideon's army had. Use the video below to make one. You could even write the memory verse on the handle.


Read Judges 6:11-24 and make sure to understand the key points of the passage

  • Gideon was hiding,
  • the Angel told him God was with him,
  • Gideon questioned that,
  • the Angel told him that God would use him,
  • Gideon, to overthrow the Midianites,
  • Gideon made a meal and God burned it up,
  • Gideon panicked because he had seen God and would now die and God told him not to be so silly!
  1. What was Gideon's faith like at the start of the story?
  2. What was his faith like at the end of the story?
  3. Why did Gideon have little faith at the beginning of the story?
  4. What helped Gideon's faith to grow?
  5. What do you think happened next?

Meeting God gave Gideon confidence. That night he went and destroyed an altar that had been made for a false God – and shortly after that he led a small army that defeated the invaders! When we listen to what God says our faith increases. When we look at the problems around us our faith decreases! What things can you do to help your faith increase? It’s important to listen to what Jesus says about us. Having him in our life means we have the words, presence and encouragement of God just like Gideon did. Listen to these things Jesus says:

  • ‘...I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.’ John 15: 15
  • ‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.’ John 10: 27-28
  • “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 10:21


Father God, thank you that just as Gideon trusted in you, we can trust that you are with us and that we don’t have to be fearful. Thank you Jesus that you send us out to live for you and to help others come to know you and the forgiveness and new life you offer!

Want to know more about want it means to become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian is about following Jesus and starting a friendship with him. Watch this short video below which explains more.

We also love Alpha here at Jubilee! Alpha is a great way to explore some of the big questions of life as well as looking at what the Christian faith has to say about them. You can read more about Alpha at Jubilee here. If you want to watch the first session of Alpha click here.

You can also contact us if you'd like to talk with someone about becoming a Christian or just want to know more!

Want to Give?

We know that a number of you give on a Sunday morning through the collection. There's still an opportunity to give through our giving page. Alternatively you can find all the details there to make a gift through your bank.

Stay in touch

More than ever, this is a time to encourage, support and pray for each other. Please do contact those people you know or that might need extra help. If you want to contact one of the leadership team, use the contact us page and one of us will be in touch.

If you're new to Jubilee, we're super-excited you could join us today. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information and do join us again next week!

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