Sunday Celebration

Sunday 12th July

Jubilee Church Teesside | Sun, 12th Jul 2020

Good Morning!

You can join in our Sunday Celebration from here, on Facebook Live from 10:30am or from our YouTube Channel.

Thanks so much for joining us. All of our weekly celebration is now in one video.

Time to Pray

We would love to give you an opportunity to respond to what was shared this morning. If you are watching this with your children, encourage them to get involved with the prayer response too.

  • Ask God to fill you His Holy Spirit and remind you that you are His child (Romans 8: 16)
  • Ask God to show you if there are any choices, preferences, things in your life that are against His will? Ask Him to forgive you and give you strength to follow Him.
  • Pray for oppportunities to be a blessing to those around you.
  • Pray that as a church we would not settle in this season and in faith, keep moving into all God would have us do. 

For Children


Watch this video about Isaac, Jacob and Esau.

What is a blessing?

Look at the diagram below, 'what is a blessing?' based on footnotes in New King James Version Spirit Filled Bible in Genesis 12:1-9; Genesis 27:4; Genesis 48:20 and 49: 1-28.  The arrows between Man and God shows that they are not independent of each other.  

Isaac gave Jacob a blessing.  He showed his dependence and trust in God; he passed on his material possessions and spiritual promises to his son, and spoke this blessing in faith with authority;
AND God showed His grace and sovereignty
= As a result, God worked out His purposes.


You may have heard this song. 'The Blessing' by Kari Jobe. There have been many versions during the lockdown. This is the UK dance version! The lyrics in this song are from Numbers 6: 24-26 and is known as the 'Priestly/Aaronic Blessing'.

Memory Verse

"Isaac had faith. So he blessed Jacob and Esau. He told them what was ahead for them". Hebrews 11: 20 (New International Readers Version)

If you make a water wheel (below), you could write this verse around the wheel with a Sharpie/permanent marker!

The blessing given in faith by Isaac to Jacob; and the sovereignty (absolute power) of God work together powerfully to bring about the purposes of God.  
Think of a water wheel.  The running water turns the wheel.  The turning wheel turns cogs inside the mill and generates power.  This power has been used for many things over hundreds of years.  For example: to grind flour; saw wood; in cotton mills; to pump water for irrigation (watering crops).  The water wheel gives a sense of the power that is generated through Isaac's faith and God's sovereignty. 

You can make your own simple water wheel using things you may have at home.  
You will need: 2 circles of card 30cm in diameter (you could use cereal box or cardboard packaging) with a small hole in the middle; 16 x plastic cups/yoghurt pots (the number needed will vary depending on their size); stapler; kebab stick; jug of water; bucket.   Watch this video to learn how to make it!

Adapt your design as you wish!  
This water wheel (see photo below) was made using cardboard circles 16cm diameter (with a hole in the middle), and 8x small plastic communion cups.  
Method: Mark eighth's around the card on the inside (see photo), and position each cup at an angle of "10 o'clock. Use duck tape in half width strips to secure cups in place between the two circles of card ensuring it is pressed down firmly. Put a kebab stick through the middle.  It is easier to use if one person holds the stick above a bucket, and another pours a jug of water at a position of 10 o'clock.


Dear Lord Jesus, help me to trust you, to depend on you, to have faith in you and to know your blessing as you work out your purposes in me. Amen.

Want to know more about want it means to become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian is about following Jesus and starting a friendship with him. Watch this short video below which explains more.

We also love Alpha here at Jubilee! Alpha is a great way to explore some of the big questions of life as well as looking at what the Christian faith has to say about them. You can read more about Alpha at Jubilee here. If you want to watch the first session of Alpha click here.

You can also contact us if you'd like to talk with someone about becoming a Christian or just want to know more!

Want to Give?

We know that a number of you give on a Sunday morning through the collection. There's still an opportunity to give through our giving page. Alternatively you can find all the details there to make a gift through your bank.

Stay in touch

More than ever, this is a time to encourage, support and pray for each other. Please do contact those people you know or that might need extra help. If you want to contact one of the leadership team, use the contact us page and one of us will be in touch.

If you're new to Jubilee, we're super-excited you could join us today. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information and do join us again next week!

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