Strengthen Your Stakes

Rejoicing In The Promise Of God

Jeremy and Ann Simpkins | Sun, 1st Dec 2019

Jeremy and Ann encourage us from this amazing Old Testament promise and help us to see how we can joyfully live in the light of it. How will we 'enlarge the place of our tent'?


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Guest Speakers
Resolutions and Righteousness
Defined By God's Word
31st Dec 2023

As we end the year and begin a new one, Kobby encourages us to shift our ultimate attention from resolutions to Jesus.


Guest Speakers
An Antioch Church
For The Nations
Acts 11: 19-26 & Acts 13:1-3
22nd Oct 2023

Jeremy speaks on our 25th anniversary morning about churches that are both made up of and go to the nations.


Jeremy Simpkins
Guest Speakers
A Culture Of Grace
Laying The Foundation
Romans 3: 22-24
1st Oct 2023

Guest speaker Owen Hylton speaks on how the grace of God frees us, saves us and accepts us.


Owen Hylton
Guest Speakers
The Holy Spirit
Our Helper
John 14: 15-21
30th Jul 2023

Soroush explains how the Holy Spirit helps us to live as God wants and that, by faith, we have access to the Spirit's power each day.


Soroush Sadeghzadeh