Speaking from the Heart

A 4 week series hearing from the elders in Jubilee what they believe God has been speaking to us as a church over the lockdown period.

6th Sep 2020 - 27th Sep 2020
HD Living
- Hearing and Doing
9th Sep 2020
James 1: 22-27
Gavin Rodgers
The Power Of Vision
- God's Revelation To Us
13th Sep 2020
Proverbs 29: 18
Raj Saha
The Wisdom of God
- Trusting The One Who Is In Control
20th Sep 2020
Romans 16: 27
Simon Rogalski
The Love of God
- Encountering The Greatest Love
27th Sep 2020
Romans 5: 1-8
Soroush Sadeghzadeh