Do Not Quit

The Cost of Discipleship

Raj Saha | Sun, 1st Dec 2013

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Vision Sundays
Our Jubilee Values Part 2
We Inspire And We Go
John 13: 1-17
16th Oct 2022

Concluding our short series on Jubilee's vision and values, Gavin speaks on Jesus' inspirational example to us and how that leads us to be 'going' people.


Gavin Rodgers
Vision Sundays
Our Jubilee Values Part 1
We Rejoice And We Welcome
Isaiah 60: 1-8
9th Oct 2022

Continuing our short series on our vision and values, Simon speaks on how the Church is called to arise and shine in the light of who God is!


Simon Rogalski
Vision Sundays
Our Jubilee Vision
Enlarge The Place Of Your Tent
Matthew 28: 19
2nd Oct 2022

Raj kicks off our 3-week Vision series with a reminder of what it means to 'bring the joy-news of Jesus to everyone, everywhere!'


Raj Saha
Vision Sundays
Teach Us How To Pray
Matthew 6:9-12
11th Jun 2017

Prayer is tough! Often we loose the motivation and excitement to pray. The Bible acknowledges this fact. Yet it is probably the main we way we enter into the heart of God and His Kingdom purposes. Robert Murray M’Cheyne once said, ‘What a man is on his knees before God, that he is, and nothing more.’

In the Lords Prayer, we have Jesus responding to His disciples about their inadequacies regarding prayer. They ask Him, Lord teach us how to pray like you do? His response is phenomenal. A breathtaking, Spirit-empowered invite like no other.

Raj Saha