An Introduction To The Psalms

Going For The Mind Through The Heart

Simon Rogalski | Sun, 21st Jul 2019

It is said that in other books of the Bible, God speaks to us, but in the Psalms, God speaks for us. The Psalms help us to express the ups and downs of life. We'll explore a different psalm over the summer and in this talk, Simon gives a brief introduction to the Psalms and why they are such a great treasure to us!


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Where Do We Belong?
Psalm 84
1st Sep 2019

What does home mean to you? Jill helps us to see from Psalm 84 that if we've chosen to follow Jesus, our home is with God. This is a truth we need to know, even when the journeys of life take us into times of 'weeping' or difficulty. It is at these times that we're to dig into God and his goodness.


Jill Ball
Psalm 8 - The Greatness of God
Understanding our significance to the God of Creation
Psalm 8
18th Aug 2019

When we consider that God made every one of the countless stars and planets it is easy to think of ourselves as insignificant to him. In this talk Jonathan and Angela help us to focus on our significance to the God of creation, if we truly are known my God what should our response to this be? 

Jonathan Knight, Angela Knight
Psalm 13 - Unfailing Love
Finding Jesus in our Lament
Psalm 13
11th Aug 2019

The Psalms give us permission to Lament. In Psalm 13, David shows us how, in the depths of our Lament, to lift our eyes to Jesus to rejoice in his Unfailing Love.

Miriam Maude, Matthew Maude
Psalm 84
Discipline and Revival
Psalm 84
4th Aug 2019
Denis and Cerian Smit