A season of celebration

A joyful legacy

Don Smith | Fri, 7th Apr 2017

We're sure you’ll be aware that in this last week, Don and Lisa Smith from Centreville, Michigan, USA have been with us. They have been such a blessing to us as a church and as they now move on to serve Hope Church Bedlington at their weekend away in the Lake District, we asked them to write a brief reflection of their time at Jubilee.

A simple working definition for the word "Jubilee" is "a season of celebration". This past week at Jubilee Church Teesside that is exactly what Lisa and I experienced. As a matter of fact every time we have come to visit Jubilee that is what we have experienced! 

From our time corporately with the whole church to our time with wider leaders and the Eldership team right through to the time we spent with individuals, every moment for us was a moment of celebration! 

I sense this is your legacy Jubilee - that for everyone you touch, you will bring about the life giving celebration of the presence of the Lord. Thank you so much for breathing life and celebration into us this week! We look forward to celebrating with you again!

Your servants in Christ
Don and Lisa Smith

You can also listen to all the audio from last weekend here too. 

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