What to Expect

Visiting Jubilee on a Sunday Morning


You are welcome whoever you are!

Our Sunday mornings are a wonderful opportunity for the family, friends and guests of Jubilee to come together to meet, to worship, to investigate, to be inspired and to be equipped to live out our Christian faith in the places we live.

We meet at 10:30am (come for tea/coffee and doughnuts from 10:00am) at Macmillan Academy, Stockton Road, Middlesbrough.

For details of how to find us and where to park, please click here.

Each week we begin with a time of singing worship songs. You can join in or just observe in whatever way you feel most comfortable. There is plenty of space for people in the church to bring contributions of their own, such as prayers or readings from the Bible. This is followed by a message from a part of the Bible, which aims to inform, provoke, encourage and help people understand the relevance and importance of the ‘joy news’ of Christianity. 

We don't really have 'guest services' as such, because every single week the message is both relevant to those who are just looking in for the first time and challenging to more longstanding Christians. Many people stay afterwards for a leisurely coffee together. By far the majority of our visitors coming on a Sunday find it refreshing, engaging and enjoyable!

If you have children, we have a fantastic kids' programme which takes place during the morning. If you like, we'll look after your children for you so that you can enjoy what is happening in the meeting. The children learn lessons from one of the stories in the Bible, and will ask you to bring them back for more fun the following week! Alternatively, you are free to have your kids in the main meeting with you.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch with us here. If you would like to serve on our Sunday morning team then get in touch with us here.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Sunday services soon.

Last Updated: Mon, 26th September 2016

Meet the Team:

Gavin Rodgers

Gavin serves on the Eldership team at Jubilee playing a part in the oversight of the Church. He has been an Elder since May 2017; he also leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside his wife, Hayley.

Simon Rogalski

Simon serves on our Eldership Team playing an integral role in the oversight of the Church. Simon, and his wife, Jodie, can often be found behind the scenes making everything happen.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh

Soroush serves on our Eldership Team and plays a key part in the oversight of the Church. Soroush and his wife Mahvash oversee our pastoral structure.

Raj Saha
Lead Elder

Raj leads our Eldership Team and is instrumental in the oversight of the church. Together with his wife Charlotte, Raj invests in all areas of the Church and our teams.

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