We are Jubilee

The Values That Shape Us

Raj Saha | Sun, 15th Sep 2019

As we start our new sermon series on values, Raj asks the question, 'Who are we?'  Over the next few weeks we will look at each of the 4 'We' values and what they mean for us.

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We are Jubilee
We Go
Because God is Light
Isaiah 6:1-8
20th Oct 2019

As we conclude our series on the Jubilee Values, Gavin unpacks the final value: We Go, because God is light. Isaiah had a powerful encounter with God which led him to a place of awe and wonder and acceptance of his flaws. The result of this encounter was a clear and obedient response from Isaiah, 'Here I am, send me!'. What can we learn from Isaiah about being a 'going people'? How can this affect our everyday lives? If we are to be a people who truly do respond to God's call to go, we need to understand that this affects all of us - we all have a part to play!


Gavin Rodgers
We are Jubilee
We Inspire
Because God is Our Father
Ephesians 1:3 - 10
13th Oct 2019

Soroush speaks on the third of our 'We' Values, We Inspire. The role of a parent has more to do with inspiring a child how to live than simply teaching them to 'obey the rules'. We have been blessed so much by our heavenly Father that we can now live to inspire others in all sorts of ways!


Soroush Sadeghzadeh
We are Jubilee
We Welcome
Because God is Love
Luke 19:1-10
6th Oct 2019

In his encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus finds a welcome and acceptance that he has not experienced before. It totally transforms him! Raj looks at the second of our values, 'We Welcome, because God is love' and shares how we can reflect this love to those around us as we welcome people in all sorts of ways.

Raj Saha
We are Jubilee
We Rejoice
Because God Is Our Strength And Song
Matthew 13:44
29th Sep 2019

The Christian life is not ultimately 'doing things for God', rather living a joyful and thankful life in response to all that Jesus has done for us. In fact, it's in our very name, Jubilee; a time in the Bible of celebration and joy! Simon looks at the first of our new values, 'We Rejoice'. Why? 'Because God is our strength and song'.


Simon Rogalski