Through the eyes of Herod

A story of hope in midst of fear

Raj Saha | Sun, 7th Dec 2014

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Christmas Day
Luke 2:1-7
25th Dec 2022

With some help from the children of Jubilee, Simon talks about the reality, welcome and bread of Bethlehem.

Simon Rogalski
The Christmas Story
I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life
Christmas Carols Message
John 14: 6
12th Dec 2021

When the baby Jesus of Christmas was in his 30s, he said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life'. At our Christmas Carols Celebration, Raj explores what he meant.

Raj Saha
The Christmas Story
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God Breaks In
Matthew 1: 1-16
20th Dec 2020

When Matthew was writing his account of that first Christmas, he includes a list of names. We might sometimes just skip over these names, but if we look a little closer we see that it's dynamite!


Raj Saha
The Christmas Story
Through the eyes of the Shepherds
Breaking News
Luke 2:8-20
21st Dec 2014
Raj Saha