The Resurrection

3 Things

Raj Saha | Sun, 17th Apr 2022

What can we take from the events that we remember at Easter? Raj talks about at least 3 things and how, through them, we're invited into friendship with God.


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Come the Revolution
Coming To Jesus
'What Good Thing?'
Matthew 19: 13-30
19th Jun 2022

When a wealthy young man comes to Jesus with a question he doesn't get the answer he was perhaps hoping for. Paul talks from this passage about the kingdom, the question, wealth and eternity.


Paul Woodward
Come the Revolution
Divorce And Remarriage
More Questions For Jesus
Matthew 19: 1-11
12th Jun 2022

In this passage Jesus talks about some big things; marriage, singleness and divorce. We also need to hear his loud and over-arching message that he loves us, forgives us, restores us, weeps with us, prays for us and never lets go.


Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
True Greatness
Who's The GOAT?
Matthew 18: 1-35
5th Jun 2022

Jesus is teaching about what this new community of his followers will look like. It’s less about status and more about service!


Simon Rogalski
Come the Revolution
The Transfiguration
Seeing Jesus
Matthew 17: 1-13
29th May 2022

The transfiguration seems to be one of those stories which is never really spoken about. Jesus takes a few of his disciples up a mountain and is transformed before their eyes. This isn't just an interesting story but is a real lesson in our response to seeing the glory of Jesus. When we recognise him as he really is, we have a response to make. Will we be like the disciples and use this as a foundation to build our lives on?


Gavin Rodgers