Sunday Celebration

Sunday 23rd August

Jubilee Church Teesside | Sun, 23rd Aug 2020

Good Morning!

You can join in our Sunday Celebration from here, on Facebook Live from 10:30am or from our YouTube Channel.

Thanks so much for joining us. All of our weekly celebration is in the video below.

Time to Pray

We would love to give you an opportunity to respond to what was shared this morning. If you are watching this with your children, encourage them to get involved with the prayer response too.

  • Thank God the Father for the joy of eternity with Him! Thank Jesus for his sacrifice on the cross that has cleansed you and I of everything that stood in the way of that eternity with God.
  • Are there times when you've expected reward from God in this life and not had your attention on His promise of eternity? If that has caused you to sin, ask for forgiveness and pray that God would daily turn our hearts to his eternal promises.
  • Pray that even in the difficulties we face in this world (Covid, Racism, Injustice), we would rejoice in eternity and help others to find their way back to God.

For Children


As we come to the end of looking at all the Heroes of Faith in Hebrews 11, can you remember who we have looked at? How many people can you remember?

The Old Testament is the place in the Bible to find the accounts of all these heroes. However Hebrews is telling us that, whilst they are heroes of faith, there is an even better and greater hero than all these people and we can put our faith in him! This video explains how these heroes (and the whole of the Old Testament) points to the coming of this hero. Do you know who it is?

The Big Story from The Gospel Project on Vimeo.


Read Matthew 8: 5-13 together. It tells the story of Jesus healing the servant of a Roman soldier (the Centurion). The soldier shows that his faith is in Jesus to heal his servant. Jesus is impressed by his faith! What real-life 'heroes' can you think of (not superheroes!). Soldiers can sometimes be seen as heroes. But this soldier knew who the real hero was. The soldier could put his faith in this hero to heal his servant.

Think about it/Activity

We've been learning all about faith and how we can be heroes of faith too.

Cover a tabletop or counter with a large sheet of paper. Use a marker or crayon and draw lines to divide the paper into three sections. At the top of each section, write “School,” “Church,” and “Home.” Give each family member a marker or crayon. Have each family member write in designated sections one way to show faith in God at school, church and home. Discuss what was written or save it to discuss at the next mealtime or right before bedtime.

Collect a set of building blocks or toys (Legos, cardboard blocks, etc). Build a tower together with each family member adding a block or toy one at a time. As each block is added, family member completes the sentence, “I can show faith in God by loving and obeying Him when I. . . .”


Jesus is our hero and we can put our faith in him. The Bible says that God demonstrated his own love for us in this. That whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) At the cross, God's love and forgiveness flowed to us. That is amazing but it's not always easy to understand! This experiment helps to illustrate it.

Memory Verse

'Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever'. Hebrews 13:8


Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for all the amazing examples of faithful heroes we've been looking at. Thank you that at the cross your love and forgiveness flowed to us and that as we trust in you we can be faithful heroes too. Please come and fill me with your Holy Spirit everyday so I can live for you. Amen.

Want to know more about want it means to become a Christian?

Becoming a Christian is about following Jesus and starting a friendship with him. Watch this short video below which explains more.

We also love Alpha here at Jubilee! Alpha is a great way to explore some of the big questions of life as well as looking at what the Christian faith has to say about them. You can read more about Alpha at Jubilee here. If you want to watch the first session of Alpha click here.

You can also contact us if you'd like to talk with someone about becoming a Christian or just want to know more!

Want to Give?

We know that a number of you give on a Sunday morning through the collection. There's still an opportunity to give through our giving page. Alternatively you can find all the details there to make a gift through your bank.

Stay in touch

More than ever, this is a time to encourage, support and pray for each other. Please do contact those people you know or that might need extra help. If you want to contact one of the leadership team, use the contact us page and one of us will be in touch.

If you're new to Jubilee, we're super-excited you could join us today. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information and do join us again next week!

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