Faith Works
7th Apr 2024 - 16th Jun 2024
Tough Questions about Christianity
14th Jan 2024 - 24th Mar 2024
Carols at Jubilee
3rd Dec 2023 - 25th Dec 2023
The Reconciled Church
Growing Multiethnic Congregations

A one day conference exploring Race and Reconciliation in the Church

30th Sep 2023 - 30th Sep 2023
Trusting God Always
3rd Sep 2023 -
Multiple Communities across Teesside
25th Apr 2023 - 16th May 2023
Understanding Sexuality and Gender

Questions around sexuality impact all of us. Andrew Bunt helps us to understnad what culture is telling us, see God’s purpose for sexuality and think through how to live that out in our lives, churches and communities.

Andrew is part of King’s Church Hastings and Bexhill. He is Emerging Generations Director at Living Out and a training and resources consultant for New Ground Churches, part of Newfrontiers. He studied theology at Durham University and King’s College London. Andrew is the author of ‘Who in Heaven’s Name Do You Think You Are?’ (Charis Books, 2015), ‘People Not Pronouns: Reflections on Transgender Experience’ (Grove Books, 2021) and ‘Finding Your Best Identity: A Short Christian Introduction to Identity, Sexuality and Gender’ (IVP, 2022).

25th Feb 2023 - 26th Feb 2023
Presence, Promise, Power
5th Mar 2023 -
For the Church : To the World

Talks from our Equip weeks on spiritual gifts and how we can use them in the world around us.

1st Nov 2022 - 22nd Nov 2022
Four Events: One Big Picture
7th Aug 2022 - 28th Aug 2022
The Power of Prayer
15th Mar 2022 - 5th Apr 2022
Joy News
God's Heart for people experiencing poverty and injustice
5th Mar 2022 - 6th Mar 2022
Come the Revolution
Matthew's Gospel: The King and His Kingdom
3rd Oct 2021 - 30th Apr 2022
I am doing a new thing
12th Sep 2021 - 26th Sep 2021
God with us
8th Aug 2021 - 22nd Aug 2021
The Power of God in the Letter to the Ephesians
2nd May 2021 - 1st Aug 2021
Being Everyday Missionaries

Talks from our equip weeks series 'Disciple: Being Everyday Missionaries'. 

20th Apr 2021 - 11th May 2021
Joy News
Life on the Frontline

God has exciting, joy-filled news to share with the whole world and we get to play a part in bringing it to those around us! We all have a frontline for this and it may just be the usual, everyday places we find ourselves in!

24th Jan 2021 - 30th May 2021
Navigating unity in the midst of difference
10th Nov 2020 - 1st Dec 2020
Take Hold
1st Nov 2020 - 17th Jan 2021
Enlarge the place of your tent

What is our Vision as a church? What do we believe God has called us to build? A 3 week series exploring our vision!

4th Oct 2020 - 18th Oct 2020
Speaking from the Heart

A 4 week series hearing from the elders in Jubilee what they believe God has been speaking to us as a church over the lockdown period.

6th Sep 2020 - 27th Sep 2020
Faith over Fear
7th Jun 2020 - 23rd Aug 2020
The Fruit of the Spirit
God's Work in Us
22nd Mar 2020 -
You're Welcome
A Church For Everyone

The second of our church values is 'We Welcome'. This series looks at encounters with Jesus in the gospels that help us to understand how he welcomed all sorts of different people and how we can do the same.

9th Feb 2020 - 3rd May 2020
Raising a Prophetic People

A short 4-week series looking at the gift of prophecy. How do we hear God and share it with others? How does the gift work in the church and the wider world?

1st Oct 2019 - 22nd Oct 2019
The Letter to the Philippians

Paul wrote the letter to the Philippian church whilst in prison, yet he repeatedly states that he is full of joy at the thought of them and calls them to rejoice too! Unity, Christ, Joy and living out the Christian life are the big themes of this letter.

27th Oct 2019 - 2nd Feb 2020
We are Jubilee
The Values that shape us

Who are we? What are those values that we hold dear that shape all we do? What is the culture we've been called by God to develop in Jubilee? This series explores the 4 'We' values of Jubilee and why they are so important to us.

15th Sep 2019 - 20th Oct 2019
Songs for the Summer
21st Jul 2019 - 18th Aug 2019
From running to revival
12th May 2019 - 21st Jul 2019
Alpha Sunday
24th Mar 2019 - 29th Mar 2020
John's Gospel
Who is He?
4th Nov 2018 -
Jubilee 20
A church for everyone
9th Sep 2018 - 28th Oct 2018
I believe
29th Jul 2018 - 19th Aug 2018
Spirit Break Out

The book of Acts is a fascinating book. It starts with a group of downhearted people who had just lost their leader and teacher. Ordinary people who had given up everything to follow a Messiah they were convinced would bring change to the world. After Jesus had died the disciples could be forgiven for giving up due to being overwhelmed and stopping the mission there. But they didn’t, something changed within this group of people which lead to the early church spreading like wildfire. The disciples grew as leaders and were able to oversee a movement which was growing day by day. What lead to this change? The spirit of God. The Holy Spirit broke out after Pentecost and everything changed! Suddenly ordinary people were equipped for great things. Throughout this series, we will be exploring how the Holy Spirit impacted the early church and how he continues to impact the church worldwide today. As we go through this series of talks our prayer will be simple...Spirit break out.

25th Feb 2018 - 22nd Jul 2018

Leading up to the 2017 Gift Day, this 4 part mini-series takes a look at how important Grace is in every aspect of life.

22nd Oct 2017 - 12th Nov 2017
To the Full

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that life is not what it ought t be? That something is missing? That the life Jesus intended us to live somehow doesn't look like the life that’s unfolding before me.. Jesus said in John 10, ‘I have come that they may have life and have it the full’. What on earth does that look like? How does that affect ‘my life’ in all the areas that its made up of? Is it reachable? Is it just a pipe dream? Over this sermon series, we will look at how the Gospel of Jesus ‘works’ in marriage, in singleness, in how we approach sex and dating and temptation and anger and stress and lots more. This is a time to get real. To get practical. Are you ready?

10th Sep 2017 - 18th Feb 2018
God Is
The wonder of his name

In this 5 part Summer Series, we welcome guest speakers from within the Church to share with us the many names of God. The Bible reveals many wonderful characteristics and descriptions of who God is. The names God gives himself show us powerful truth's about who he is, and therefore, who we are as God's people, secure in his truth.

30th Jul 2017 - 27th Aug 2017
Playing your part for God

Guest speaker Don Smith, from Centreville, Michigan in the USA joins us for this mini-series exploring the 'Passionate' life we're called to in Christ. Passionate for God, passionate for his Church and passionate for the Gospel.

1st Apr 2017 - 2nd Apr 2017
In Christ
Who am I?

Who are you? - This is probably one of the biggest questions that humanity has been grappling with since the Garden of Eden. What is your identity based upon? What is your purpose in life? Where do you find meaning, security, hope and love? Many turn to things that although are good in and of themselves can become the very downfall of their lives? People look to status, money, relationships, even themselves for longstanding significance. Philosophers are now coming to the reality that these many things we run to are unstable and rocky. They don’t eternally deliver, they often crumble and as they do, so do we! The Apostle Paul coined a new term, a unique term to describe a new kind of radical relationship with God. A relationship not based on striving and following rules but rather a relationship based on love and grace.…Amazing Grace! That term was and still is the soil that all Christians grow from and into all that God has for them and the church.
Who are you? - You are ‘In Christ’!

12th Mar 2017 - 25th Jun 2017
Broken Hearted

The historical story of Nehemiah is one that has been told for centuries. Often its significance can be downplayed to a set of principles, a kind of manual for life and leadership. Often it can be  just Sunday school entertainment! But the story of this man and the building of Gods temple and city has much bigger repercussions for the church, in light of all that Jesus has done. Over this series we want you to see that God is building a city, the city of God, with all of Gods richness and transformation right at the heart of the cities we dwell in. He wants us to be broken hearted for things that break His heart. He wants our prayers and fasting to propel us into action and be fit for purpose against all the hurdles and trials that this great journey will entail. Are you ready to build? Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Are you ready to press into God more deeply? It will take nothing less!

8th Jan 2017 - 5th Mar 2017
Guest Speakers
Visiting speakers at Jubilee
Elders Letters
A monthly open letter
Vision Sundays
Hello Jesus
Encounters with the Living God
4th Sep 2016 -
God Stories
Summer Sundays 2016

Over the Summer we will be hearing the heartbeat of the church as a few passionate people share their heart for Jesus choosing some key themes in the bible  - Gods Great Stories!

7th Aug 2016 - 21st Aug 2016
Releasing Everyone
The Pastoral Epistles

Jubilee Church Teesside has a wonderful vision of ‘Releasing Everyone’ into the great adventure of God. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at The Apostle Paul’s teaching on setting good foundations of pastoral care and discipleship in the church.

24th Apr 2016 - 31st Jul 2016
The Letters to the Seven Churches

G.K.Beale writes that Revelation ‘is the bible’s battle cry of victory…and an encouragement to Gods people to persevere in the assurance that their final reward is certain and to worship and glorify God despite trials and despite temptations to march to the worlds drumbeat’. As we look these 7 seven churches that Jesus spoke into, let us allow Him to shape us into church He wants!

7th Feb 2016 - 3rd Apr 2016
A Devoted Community
People that Changed the World

In Acts 2, we see a glimpse of the early church full of the Spirit of God, displaying characteristics that were so radical the world couldn't ignore. They were ‘devoted’ to life with Jesus and life together. Looking at different passages in the bible we explore some of those characteristics and pray that God would continue to form such a community in us.

10th Jan 2016 - 31st Jan 2016
A Christmas Message

Join us over this festive season as we look at the real Christmas story, a story of hope, love and joy!

6th Dec 2015 - 20th Dec 2015
Speaking for God in a Time of Crisis

The ‘Weeping Prophet’ Jeremiah in the midst of a confusing cafeteria of different world-views and ideas and lifestyles, calls God’s people back to what they believe; going against the tide of culture and the times. Jeremiah will challenge everything about you! Are you ready?

13th Sep 2015 - 3rd Jan 2016
Knowing God
Summer Sundays 2015

Over the summer we hear from different members of the church exploring some of the names of God that we see in the bible. Names that have changed their very lives!

26th Jul 2015 - 23rd Aug 2015
Radical Truth

Melvin Bragg once wrote ‘You may be a Christian. You may be anti-Christian, or of another religion, or none. You may be an atheist fundamentalist and think the bible is monstrous, a book to be dismissed or derided. But whoever you are the…Bible has driven the making of the world you live in over the last 400 years, often in the most unexpected ways’. Over the next few weeks we look at some of the key doctrinal truths that make the Christian faith so fresh.

17th May 2015 - 19th Jul 2015
The Ten Commandments
Instruction, Intimacy and Relationship with a Holy God

We live in a world where a visible human can draw more worship that an invisible God. The story of Moses in Exodus is a phenomenal one; the biggest showdown in the Old Testament. Through the famous Ten Commandments we track how an invisible God, Yahweh, breaks out through 10 promises so that he can be seen through His people.

8th Feb 2015 - 17th May 2015
The Christmas Story
Gods Key Players

Over this time of celebration we together celebrate how God chooses the ‘unlikelys’ to bring salvation, truth and hope to the world.

7th Dec 2014 - 28th Dec 2014
Following Jesus through thick and thin

Join us on a great expedition as we trace the footsteps of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. There will be highs and lows. There will be up and downs. The journey will often be demanding. But in the end it will be worth it. Because He is!

15th Sep 2013 - 25th Jan 2015
Between Two Worlds

Daniel was a man of uncompromise thriving in Babylon. He held fast to the truth of Yahweh as well as dwelling in the heart of foreign land. How do we as Christians lead such a life? How do we get through? How can we be a city on a hill? Let the story of Daniel help us.

5th May 2013 - 4th Aug 2013
What did He just say?
Phrases that Changed the World

Jesus never beat around the bush! Jesus wasn’t just a nice guy! The real Jesus that we read about in the bible often offended people, infuriated people, stopped people in there tracks. His very words called you to think. Over the coming week we will be looking at why His truth did that and how it can change us for the good. 

And so over this next teaching series my prayer is that we will get to know the real Jesus more intimately, more clearly, more closely such that it changes us to be more like him. You see that’s the church we want to build. Whether its creativity, worship, Alpha, Open Door, Hope, preaching, leadership, prayer teams community groups, Sparklers, prayer meetings even administration whatever.....we want to find Jesus at the center of everything we do.

6th Jan 2013 - 28th Apr 2013
Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Martin Luther the great hero of the faith and protestant reformer who changed the face of Christianity in Europe, described the book of James as an "epistle of straw’. But don't be fooled! James makes it crystal clear. In this sermon series we dig deep and discover that life with Jesus is All Day, Everyday. Practical living not for the faint hearted!

9th Sep 2012 - 16th Dec 2012
The Community of God
For the sake of the world

Gordon Fee writes ‘God isn’t simply saving diverse individuals and preparing them for heaven; rather he is miraculously creating a people for his name, among whom God can dwell and who in her life together will produce Gods life and character in all its unity and diversity and joy’. Over this sermon series we look at what God wants His chosen family to look like.

29th Apr 2012 - 5th Aug 2012
Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Paul’s letter to the Colossian Church lifted their heads to The Supremacy Of Christ in all things. It's a letter that despite what we see around us always paints a picture of victory. As a church we want to see that victory in our lives.

15th Jan 2012 - 22nd Apr 2012