Broken Hearted

The historical story of Nehemiah is one that has been told for centuries. Often its significance can be downplayed to a set of principles, a kind of manual for life and leadership. Often it can be  just Sunday school entertainment! But the story of this man and the building of Gods temple and city has much bigger repercussions for the church, in light of all that Jesus has done. Over this series we want you to see that God is building a city, the city of God, with all of Gods richness and transformation right at the heart of the cities we dwell in. He wants us to be broken hearted for things that break His heart. He wants our prayers and fasting to propel us into action and be fit for purpose against all the hurdles and trials that this great journey will entail. Are you ready to build? Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Are you ready to press into God more deeply? It will take nothing less!

8th Jan 2017 - 5th Mar 2017
Broken Hearted for God
- What will you give your life to?
8th Jan 2017
Nehemiah 1
Raj Saha
Waiting in Prayer
- The best course of action
15th Jan 2017
Nehemiah 2
Soroush Sadeghzadeh
One For All and All for One
- A City Within A City
29th Jan 2017
Nehemiah 3
Raj Saha
Threats and Opposition
- And a Sovereign God
5th Feb 2017
Nehemiah 4
Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Generous Justice
- Caring for the poor
12th Feb 2017
Nehemiah 5
Simon Rogalski
Joy in the City
- Spirit Break Out
19th Feb 2017
Nehemiah 8: 5-12
Raj Saha
Taking Responsibility
- Living Fully
26th Feb 2017
Nehemiah 10
Matthew Maude
- The Greater Nehemiah
5th Mar 2017
Nehemiah 13
Simon Rogalski