Spirit Break Out

The book of Acts is a fascinating book. It starts with a group of downhearted people who had just lost their leader and teacher. Ordinary people who had given up everything to follow a Messiah they were convinced would bring change to the world. After Jesus had died the disciples could be forgiven for giving up due to being overwhelmed and stopping the mission there. But they didn’t, something changed within this group of people which lead to the early church spreading like wildfire. The disciples grew as leaders and were able to oversee a movement which was growing day by day. What lead to this change? The spirit of God. The Holy Spirit broke out after Pentecost and everything changed! Suddenly ordinary people were equipped for great things. Throughout this series, we will be exploring how the Holy Spirit impacted the early church and how he continues to impact the church worldwide today. As we go through this series of talks our prayer will be simple...Spirit break out.

25th Feb 2018 - 19th Aug 2018
Spirit Break Out
- An introduction to Acts
25th Feb 2018
Acts 1:1-11
Gavin Rodgers
- Encountering the compassion of Christ
11th Mar 2018
Acts 3: 1-20
Simon Rogalski