Preparing For The King

Deserts, Locusts, Honey and Vipers

Simon Rogalski | Sun, 17th Oct 2021

Change is not something that comes easily to us, yet this was John the Baptist's message. 'Turn the direction you're going in!' Simon looks at why repentance is so important to John and to the joy-news message of Jesus.


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Matthew 5: 17-48
21st Nov 2021

The Sermon On The Mount isn't simply taught so we behave better. It's a heart-capturing call to live counter-culturally so that the world might know that Jesus is king!


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Jesus tells his followers to be 'salt and light' but what exactly does that mean? As we celebrate the work of the Hope Foundation, Sue tells the story of God's miraculous provision over the last 27 years and encourages us all that we can each be salt and light to the people that we meet.


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As Jesus begins to preach, he announces that the most unlikely people are blessed. The crowds listening would have been so surprised that he was talking about them!


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Come the Revolution
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31st Oct 2021

After the amazing high of his Baptism, we come to the next part of the story for Jesus. After 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, Jesus has to face Satan and temptation in the first test of his ministry. We can rely on Jesus in situations of Temptation because we know that he too has been tempted. How do you cope when you are faced with situations of temptation?


Gavin Rodgers