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The Gospel of God

Raj Saha | Sun, 13th May 2018

The miraculous story of the growth of the early church in the book of Acts happens through conversions. The stories of these conversions of thousands of people isn’t known individually. But Luke in Acts gives us some details of a few. They are extraordinary windows into how people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. What we learn is that the gospel comes with wisdom and power. That it is ‘joy news’ not just good advice. That is it is much bigger than we often make it. That it is a nation shaper, person transformer, community builder, and joy bringer!

Why? Because ultimately is not about a set of values or a list of ‘do its’. Its about a relationship….a friendship…a trust…with Christ. Bottom line - its all about Jesus!

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The end of the beginning
Acts 27:1, 28:1-2, 16-31
22nd Jul 2018

How’s life? Easy or challenging? By reading the last two chapters of Acts, we can safely come to the conclusion that Apostle Paul had a difficult time. However, we learn that by the grace of God he turned difficulties into opportunities. Also, the book doesn’t end there, the Acts of the Holy Spirit continues at His Church today.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Giving a reason for what you believe in.
Acts 21 - 27
15th Jul 2018

In this talk we unpack Paul’s various trials relating to his new found faith. The reality is as people we probably won’t end up in a courtroom defending our beliefs, however, have you ever been asked a difficult question about your faith? Or been asked to explain what you believe in? Gavin gives some helpful tips for defending your faith as well as reminding us what our ultimate motivation should be when having these conversations.

Gavin Rodgers
Its All His Anyway!
Acts 4:31-37
8th Jul 2018

If there was ever a manual for Christian discipleship it must be the book of Acts! This breathtaking story highlights, amongst many other things that are important to the spiritual formation of a believer in the context of church community, how we handle our money with grace-filled generosity and godly stewardship, makes a difference.

Raj Saha
Influencing your world
Acts 20: 13-38
1st Jul 2018

In Acts, we see that leaders are vital to the church being all it is called to be. Whether it is leading in the church, the home, the workplace or somewhere else, there are lessons we can learn from Paul’s farewell speech to the leaders in this passage.

Simon Rogalski