Jesus' Enemy

Facing Temptation

Gavin Rodgers | Sun, 31st Oct 2021

After the amazing high of his Baptism, we come to the next part of the story for Jesus. After 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, Jesus has to face Satan and temptation in the first test of his ministry. We can rely on Jesus in situations of Temptation because we know that he too has been tempted. How do you cope when you are faced with situations of temptation?


As Christians today we can learn so much from this interaction in the Bible. First of all, we can learn a lot about the ways in which we will face temptation; we can see the plans, schemes and tactics of the Devil and recognise them in our own lives. We can also take real comfort from the way in which Jesus deals with the temptations and passes the test with flying colours.



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