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The Real Sacrificial Lamb
14th Aug 2022

Passover is one of the most famous Jewish festivals and is a story that we all know from the Old Testament, but what is its significance for us as Christians?


Bindhu Thomas
God's Blueprint
Matthew 28: 19-20
7th Aug 2022

Jesus' last commandment to his disciples was a simple one, 'Go and make disciples of all nations'. What would it mean for us as a church if we started to make genuine disciples? We all have a part to play!


Rob Earl
Come the Revolution
Renewal Of All Things
Matthew 22: 23-45
31st Jul 2022

What do we think about when we think of heaven? Raj talks about Jesus' encounter with the Sadducees. The video that was played in this talk can be viewed at


Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
A Challenge
Cookies Or A Banquet?
Matthew 21:28 - 22:14
24th Jul 2022

As we enter the final week of Jesus' life we see another encounter with the religious leaders. In these three parables about some sons, a vineyard and a banquet we see Jesus challenging the Pharisees about their response to him. The challenge is there for us today too. Do we come in and enjoy the banquet, or stay outside eating cookies?


Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Son Of David
Approaching Jerusalem
Matthew 20: 29 - 21: 11
17th Jul 2022

Whilst Jesus being called 'Son of David' might sound strange to us, there was a definite reason why this name was being used. Shirley talks about what we can learn from these encounters.


Shirley Graham
Come the Revolution
First And Last
Matthew 20: 20-28
10th Jul 2022

When the mother of two of Jesus' disciples comes with a request for her sons, Jesus uses it to teach about what true greatness looks like.


Raj Saha
Guest Speakers
If Anyone's Thirsty
Filled With The Spirit
John 7: 37-39
3rd Jul 2022

Jeremy speaks on how the pandemic has affected our 'together' experience of the Holy Spirit and how we can freshly encounter Him!


Jeremy Simpkins
Guest Speakers
The God Who Transforms
Refugee Sunday
Isaiah 40: 31
26th Jun 2022

As part of Refugee Sunday, Mojtaba shares how God looks at our lives and, in His grace, sees who we will be in Him.


Mojtaba Kargar
Come the Revolution
Coming To Jesus
'What Good Thing?'
Matthew 19: 13-30
19th Jun 2022

When a wealthy young man comes to Jesus with a question he doesn't get the answer he was perhaps hoping for. Paul talks from this passage about the kingdom, the question, wealth and eternity.


Paul Woodward
Elders Letters
The armour of God
15th Jun 2022
Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
Divorce And Remarriage
More Questions For Jesus
Matthew 19: 1-11
12th Jun 2022

In this passage Jesus talks about some big things; marriage, singleness and divorce. We also need to hear his loud and over-arching message that he loves us, forgives us, restores us, weeps with us, prays for us and never lets go.


Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
True Greatness
Who's The GOAT?
Matthew 18: 1-35
5th Jun 2022

Jesus is teaching about what this new community of his followers will look like. It’s less about status and more about service!


Simon Rogalski
Come the Revolution
The Transfiguration
Seeing Jesus
Matthew 17: 1-13
29th May 2022

The transfiguration seems to be one of those stories which is never really spoken about. Jesus takes a few of his disciples up a mountain and is transformed before their eyes. This isn't just an interesting story but is a real lesson in our response to seeing the glory of Jesus. When we recognise him as he really is, we have a response to make. Will we be like the disciples and use this as a foundation to build our lives on?


Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
The Big Question
Who Do You Say I Am?
Matthew 16: 13-28
22nd May 2022

Jesus' question to Simon Peter is just as relevant to us today. He personally asks us and depending on our answer there will be a cost, yet this is the way to finding life!


Chris Onyedinma
Come the Revolution
The God Who Feeds
Food and Faith
Matthew 59:29-6:12
15th May 2022

Jesus miraculously provides for thousands of people through some loaves and fish, but haven't we heard this before? Simon talks about the reason for this second miracle and why Jesus warns his disciples against yeast!


Simon Rogalski
Come the Revolution
Crumbs From The Table
The God Who Offends
Matthew 15: 1-28
8th May 2022

Jesus never misses an opportunity to teach his disciples something about his good news. Here it's through a desperate woman who sees Jesus for who he really is!


Raj Saha
Elders Letters
Ha Ha Hallelujah
Lessons about joy and faith from little ones
5th May 2022

Watching my children sing and dance along to their favourite worship song taught me a couple of lessons about joy and faith. Jesus also had a lot of say about having childlike fath when teaching his disciples in Luke 18. 

Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Loaves and Fishes
Eyes On Jesus
Matthew 14: 13-36
1st May 2022

As we come to two of the most well-known and widely spoken about miracles in the Gospels we see a common problem with the disciples. On both occasions, they fix their eyes on the problem in front of them rather than on Jesus.


Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Herod and John
Matthew 14: 1-14
24th Apr 2022

From the outside it can look like Herod is the successful one compared to John. There is much for us to learn from this account!

Andy Ball
Come the Revolution
The Resurrection
3 Things
Matthew 28: 1-16
17th Apr 2022

What can we take from the events that we remember at Easter? Raj talks about at least 3 things and how, through them, we're invited into friendship with God.


Raj Saha