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The Gift of Singleness
God’s Life of Purpose
19th Nov 2017

We live in a world where singleness can be viewed very negatively. There is a strong pressure to be in a relationship with a partner. The challenges of singleness can also be great. But the Apostle Paul and Jesus himself lived the single life….a life that Jesus described as 'Life to the Full'! How are we to encourage each other in the church and address all the benefits and all the challenges that go with being single? How does God’s family step up to the mark of biblical teaching? How can single men and women lead a life of purpose against the cultural tide of the times? Rob Earl and Lou Watts today unpack some of these issues from personal experience and a biblical viewpoint.

Rob Earl, Lou Watts
A Christmas Gift
Why Candy Canes?
17th Nov 2017

What do Candy Canes have to do with Christmas and the birth of Jesus? Read about this free gift given out across Teesside this Christmas time.

Simon Rogalski
Grace for Growth
A Caring Community
Matthew 25:31-40
12th Nov 2017

As we celebrate our gift day, we look at Jesus words to His sheep upon His second coming. In this talk, we take a closer look at what Jesus meant by saying "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (v40) within the context of pastoral care.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Elders Letters
Blinded by Your Grace
So undeserved
6th Nov 2017
Raj Saha
Welcoming Grace
A Church of Changed Lives
John 4:6-26
5th Nov 2017

In this amazing encounter with Jesus and a woman living out her normal day, collecting water from the Jacobs Well, her whole life is turned around. This ordinary day becomes an extraordinary one - A Moment of Grace. Jesus bridges all the cultural, racial, social and religious barriers and reaches out to this outcast lady saying, ‘Can we be friends?’. As we take our gift day collection, Raj Saha unpacks some of the areas that we are going to prioritise this year as we declare Jesus Welcome to All.

Raj Saha
2017 Shoe Box Appeal
Open Door North East
2nd Nov 2017

Open Door is giving out gifts this Christmas, to those who are in need.

Simon Rogalski
Grace for the Nations
Remembering our DNA
Ephesians 3
29th Oct 2017

As we continue the short series about Grace, Gavin unpacks the subject of Grace for the Nations. What does it mean to have grace for the nations? Why is this important to God? As we celebrate the nations God has called us to it's important to remember that we all have a part to play!

Gavin Rodgers
Grace to Belong
A diverse, new community
Acts 11
22nd Oct 2017

In the first of our short series on grace, we look at how the grace of God affects our community life together. Acts 11 tells us that when Barnabas visited the growing church in Antioch he ‘saw the grace of God’. What did this look like and how can it help us to be grace-filled communities across Teesside?

Simon Rogalski
Parenting for a Life of Purpose
A Biblical Vision
Deuteronomy 6:4-9
15th Oct 2017

Parenting is hard. Period. But Jesus brings His life here too! God understands that parenting will be challenging - remember he has difficult children too! Having a biblical vision for nurturing our kids to adulthood is a responsibility of the whole church family. What we make our focus will ultimately shape their hearts. In the end, we cannot bear the total responsibility. If our children are to have real faith we must lead them on a journey of grasping, receiving and experiencing it for themselves. We need help… lots of help! Jesus brings life to the full.

Raj Saha, Charlotte Saha, Angela Knight
Elders Letters
10,000 Reasons
and certainly more...
11th Oct 2017

In this Letter, Gavin encourages us in our worship, both personal and congregational. When we live a life actively choosing to magnify God, it changes everything!

Gavin Rodgers
An opportunity for Victory
Luke 4:1-13
8th Oct 2017

In today’s world, the word ‘temptation’ does not carry the significant weight that it has in the Bible. The concept of temptation is evident from the very first pages of the Bible.  In this talk, we look at how Jesus responded to temptation, and how we can learn to battle through temptation by looking at the perfecter of our faith.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
A greater meaning
Ephesians 5: 21-33
1st Oct 2017

How do you think about marriage? Outdated, unimportant or sometimes as worse, the goal of Christian life? Our view of marriage is radically transformed when we understand that God uses it as a parable to point to the passionate, faithful love Jesus has for the Church.

Simon Rogalski, Jodie Rogalski
Commissioned for Purpose
Our Jubilee 4R Vision
Isaiah 61:1-6
24th Sep 2017

Letting God be God and allowing his Gospel to shape us, results in a life sent with purpose and meaning. The church is God’s glorious plan to reveal His grace and hope to a world in need. Jesus declared His manifesto as He read out these famous words from an ancient scripture as he kicked of His ministry on earth. It was a foresight into what the Kingdom of God could look like through the church. They were life and breath to people who heard…..They still are to us! As you listen to this sermon please consider your part in Gods great jigsaw, your role in the adventure ahead. Thank you Jubilee. You are amazing!

Raj Saha
A full measure
17th Sep 2017

Our God is the most generous, and just like everything else to do with His character, His generosity is holistic and in full measures. This is evident in every page of the Bible and revealed in Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are called to follow this great example. But how do we bring Biblical truth to the culture of “don’t tell me what to do with my money”? In this talk, we’ll take a look at how the earliest followers of Jesus lived generous lives, filled with the Holy Spirit, and lead by their conviction to preach the Gospel and serve the poor.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Elders Letters
Summer is over
A quick review
14th Sep 2017

With summer almost over, Simon gives us a review of some of the exciting things that happened this Summer.

Simon Rogalski
Life to the Full
Letting God be God
John 10: 1-10
10th Sep 2017

How would you fill out the big question, Life is______? A box of chocolates like Forrest Gump!? Difficult? The weekend? A party? Amino acids?! Jesus said that he has come to bring a richer, deeper, purpose to life. He has come that we may live it out more abundantly. He tells us that there really is more to life than this! That he is the answer to the great struggle that we all grapple with…the struggle between disappointment and hope.

Raj Saha
Confident in the gift and strength for the fight
3rd Sep 2017

What does joy in the Christian life look like? It is much deeper than what we often consider it to be, and sometimes it can feel like a fight to live in that joy on a daily basis. The gospel is the joy news of Jesus, and it is as we delight in him that we encounter true joy.

Simon Rogalski
God Is
Hallowed by your Name
27th Aug 2017

In the final talk of our Summer Series, 'God Is', Mekonen, from Eritrea, speaks to us in Tigrynian through the help of a translator on the Holiness of God.

Mekonen Elias
God Is
My Provider
Yes, No and Wait
Genesis 22:1-19
20th Aug 2017

God Provides for all of his children abundantly but sometimes his provision includes answering our prayers in unexpected ways to test our faith. This was definitely the case for Abraham!

Rob Earl
God Is
My Shepherd
He Leads Me
Psalm 23
13th Aug 2017

The LORD is my shepherd, but how does that really affect us? In our third Summer Sundays talk, four of our young people help us to see from Psalm 23 that God really is our provider, guide and protector.