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Honouring God in the workplace
Genesis 2 v5,15,19 & 3 v17-18
18th Feb 2018

In the Gospels and Acts more ‘action’ takes place in the marketplace (workplace) than anywhere else. Your workplace is your calling from God. How does your work fit into God’s provision for humanity and how can you honour Jesus in your working day?

Neville Kelvey-Brown, Miriam Maude
A Heart Thing
11th Feb 2018

In Romans, Paul exhorts the church that 'in view of God’s mercy, to offer [their] bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God'. He described this as their 'true and proper worship'. Worshipping God is a huge theme in the bible and a foundational aspect of our Christian Walk. But what is the bible big view of extravagant worship? What does a life of worship look like? How does it change our life? How does it declare the Gospel of grace? Check out Andy Colclough, worship leader at Jubilee Church Teesside, as he unpacks this fundamental privilege!

Andy Colclough
Elders Letters
Reconnecting With Your First Love
Making time
5th Feb 2018
Gavin Rodgers
Getting Older
Running the Race
Hebrews 12: 1-2
4th Feb 2018

Phil & Sally Hillsdon from King's Church Darlington, join us this morning, to share about living faithfully in every season of life. The apostle Paul encourages the readers of Hebrews to 'run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus...'

Phil Hillsdon, Sally Hillsdon
The Rest of God
Exodus 20: 8-11
28th Jan 2018

In a world of depression, anxiety, stress and burnout never has Gods grace gift of Sabbath Rest been more welcome. How is this ancient practice relevant today? Is it really practical? What does Jesus say about it as he applies it to his New Covenant context? How does it relate to God’s mission and the church?

Raj Saha
Thriving as part of God's Church
Colossians 3
21st Jan 2018

As Christians how should we tackle Godly dating in a secular world which encourages the opposite? What are the Characteristics of Godly dating, and how can you thrive as part of a Christian community when you are in a relationship? In this talk, Gavin and Hayley Rodgers unpack this subject area and share some of their experience of dating within the church.

Gavin Rodgers, Hayley Rodgers
Loving your Neighbour
Genesis 1:27, 2:18, 3:7-10, Hebrews 10:24, Galatians 6:1-6
14th Jan 2018

Friendship is a gift from God - this is never more clear than when viewed from the perspective of scripture. In Jesus' commandment to 'Love your Neighbour', the bar is raised in terms of friendships. In this talk, we look at the value of 'True Friendship' and the sacrifice that it often requires. Fortunately, in Jesus, we find the perfect friend - from that place of security, we can go on the journey together.

Matthew Maude
Asylum & Separation
Church’s response to the sojourners in the land
Hebrews 13:2, Genesis 37, and 39-41
7th Jan 2018

Refugees have been a hot topic in the media for as long as one can remember, however, in recent years, there are more dividing opinions on them than ever. This also includes the Church, and how she responds to the issue of those who have had to leave their home and loved ones behind and seek sanctuary elsewhere. But we’re all refugees of something; from persecution for political opinion, religious belief, or ethnicity, to secularism in many Western nations. In this talk, we’ll look at the what it means to welcome and care for the sojourners as well as first-hand stories of those who have had to flee their home.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Elders Letters
Empowered for 2018
Filled by the Spirit, Fed by the Word
4th Jan 2018

As I think about 2018, one of my prayers is that we continue to be a people who are filled with the Holy Spirit and who draw ever closer to God through reading, understanding and putting into practice all He has revealed to us in the Bible.

Simon Rogalski
A son is given to us
The greatest Christmas gift
Isaiah 9:2-7
17th Dec 2017

700 years before Jesus was born, Isaiah prophesied that the birth of a child would bring in God’s rescue plan for his people. Christmas reminds us that His rescue plan would involve entering our space in the most amazing way.

Simon Rogalski
Elders Letters
Last Christmas versus The First Christmas
Joyful Joseph, Merry Mary, and Today’s Tales
5th Dec 2017

It’s usually this time of year when people reflect on the past year, their successes and challenges, and everything else that comes with them. However, this article is not going to be that.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Hope beyond the grave
1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18
3rd Dec 2017

According to British Medical Journal, death rates are falling in the UK. The more I think about this, surely this isn’t right - as far as I’m aware 100% of people still die! With a lot of death all around us, with death approaching us day by day, how does Christianity offer something radical, unique, phenomenal compared all other worldviews and beliefs? How can The Apostle Paul say with full confidence that in the midst of persecution and death, ‘For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain’? How can that be? What does Jesus offer that's so different? Has death, ‘the last enemy’, really been beaten once and for all?

Raj Saha
The Gift of Singleness
God’s Life of Purpose
19th Nov 2017

We live in a world where singleness can be viewed very negatively. There is a strong pressure to be in a relationship with a partner. The challenges of singleness can also be great. But the Apostle Paul and Jesus himself lived the single life….a life that Jesus described as 'Life to the Full'! How are we to encourage each other in the church and address all the benefits and all the challenges that go with being single? How does God’s family step up to the mark of biblical teaching? How can single men and women lead a life of purpose against the cultural tide of the times? Rob Earl and Lou Watts today unpack some of these issues from personal experience and a biblical viewpoint.

Rob Earl, Lou Watts
A Christmas Gift
Why Candy Canes?
17th Nov 2017

What do Candy Canes have to do with Christmas and the birth of Jesus? Read about this free gift given out across Teesside this Christmas time.

Simon Rogalski
Grace for Growth
A Caring Community
Matthew 25:31-40
12th Nov 2017

As we celebrate our gift day, we look at Jesus words to His sheep upon His second coming. In this talk, we take a closer look at what Jesus meant by saying "Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (v40) within the context of pastoral care.

Soroush Sadeghzadeh
Elders Letters
Blinded by Your Grace
So undeserved
6th Nov 2017
Raj Saha
Welcoming Grace
A Church of Changed Lives
John 4:6-26
5th Nov 2017

In this amazing encounter with Jesus and a woman living out her normal day, collecting water from the Jacobs Well, her whole life is turned around. This ordinary day becomes an extraordinary one - A Moment of Grace. Jesus bridges all the cultural, racial, social and religious barriers and reaches out to this outcast lady saying, ‘Can we be friends?’. As we take our gift day collection, Raj Saha unpacks some of the areas that we are going to prioritise this year as we declare Jesus Welcome to All.

Raj Saha
2017 Shoe Box Appeal
Open Door North East
2nd Nov 2017

Open Door is giving out gifts this Christmas, to those who are in need.

Simon Rogalski
Grace for the Nations
Remembering our DNA
Ephesians 3
29th Oct 2017

As we continue the short series about Grace, Gavin unpacks the subject of Grace for the Nations. What does it mean to have grace for the nations? Why is this important to God? As we celebrate the nations God has called us to it's important to remember that we all have a part to play!

Gavin Rodgers
Grace to Belong
A diverse, new community
Acts 11
22nd Oct 2017

In the first of our short series on grace, we look at how the grace of God affects our community life together. Acts 11 tells us that when Barnabas visited the growing church in Antioch he ‘saw the grace of God’. What did this look like and how can it help us to be grace-filled communities across Teesside?

Simon Rogalski