I am Forgiven

Forgiven in order to forgive

Gavin Rodgers | Sun, 19th Mar 2017

In this talk, Gavin explores and unpacks our identity as forgiven people in Christ. As people we often struggle with feeling forgiven and have a habit of holding on to the things of the past, why is this since our freedom was purchased by God through Jesus? How can we continue to live as forgiven people, letting go of the things of the past? Does being a forgiven person lead to a physical action? How can this effect our lives inside and outside of the church?

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I am Sealed by the Holy Spirit
God With Us
Ephesians 1: 3-15
23rd Jul 2017

'I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to'. These were parting words of Jesus that shocked His disciples and paved the way for the exploding early church. Today we too experience the fullness of Christianity through the indwelling God who comes to us. How does God the Holy Spirit make real the Gospel? What does He actually do? Why is this sealing so important? How does God want to make me more fruitful, more joyful, more alive? Be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Raj Saha
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I am a new creation
Discovering our new identity in Christ
9th Jul 2017

In this talk celebrating Baptism Sunday, Gavin unpacks what it means to be a new creation in Christ. As we give our lives to God we literally become born again, what does this mean for us as individuals?

Gavin Rodgers
In Christ
I am Righteous
A Right Relationship with God
Romans 4:4-8, Isaiah 45:19, Psalm 19:8, Romans 14:17
18th Jun 2017

Have you ever considered just how radical the phrase 'God who justifies the ungodly' is? Yet that is exactly what has happened to a Christian and righteousness has been credited to them. Knowing that God sees us as righteous in Christ helps to sustain us in both joys and hardships and live for Jesus in everyday life.

Simon Rogalski
In Christ
I'm a Masterpiece
Broken made whole
Ephesians 2:10
4th Jun 2017

Have you ever asked yourself:  How does God view me? For some, this question is of no significance whilst for others, it’s a longstanding question they long to know the answer to. From the beginning of the Bible to the end, God is closely and thoughtfully involved with His creation. He has restored His creation into ‘One New Man In Christ’, which means that as “stained” as you may have become due to the darkness of our sins, through Christ and God’s Spirit we are being restored as masterpiece.

Mahvash Sheibanian