Coronavirus Guidance

Keeping you up to date

| Wed, 18th Mar 2020

Updated: 18th March 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues we want to give you some important updates. We’ve also released this video that you might find helpful to watch.


It has become clear that we will be unable to gather on Sundays. The government guidance, the fact that we hire a venue and our responsibility to make wise decisions for people who attend, mean that for the foreseeable future, we will not gather on Sundays.

We will however, each Sunday, publish a set of worship songs, prayer points and a short video message that will be available from the Blog page of our website. If you have children, please engage them in the worship, teaching and prayer. We will look to make these accessible for a range of ages.


Mid-week groups will not meet at this time. This includes Devoted Groups, Community Groups, Prayer Meetings and Youth.


If you have children, we plan to send round material and activities that you can use with them during this time, to help them in their faith.

Caring for one another

There will be people in our church family during this time that may fearful, become lonely or need help in other ways. Let’s be that family that we are called to be and look out for people. Make phone calls, send texts and encourage one another to trust in Jesus Christ, who continues to reign and rule!

If you need help

Whilst the church office won't be staffed continuously, if you need to contact someone for help, please call 01642 807089. Any messages left will be picked up regularly. You can also contact us here.

Can you help?

There will be people that will need additional help or encouragement, perhaps because of self-isolation or some other issue. We making plans for how we can connect people up in order to make this happen. If you know that you could help someone should they need shopping, supplies or other help, please let Simon or Gavin know at this stage.

Our communities

There will also be a range of amazing ways you can help people in your communities. Keep looking outwards to ensure that we showing the love of God to Teesside too!

Keeping you up to date

We’ll keep you up to date with prayer stuff, news, encouraging stories. Keep checking your emails and social media.

Government Advice

Please continue to take government advice around Coronavirus and daily life. Please do take their self-isolation advice if it applies to you.


We believe that God is in charge of all things. He has not been caught off guard and he is in control. In addition to that, we can be confident that he loves the world, in fact we know that ‘...God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life’ John 3:16. Let’s be those that live in the joy of that.

On behalf of the eldership team.


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