Christmas Gifts Appeal 2018

Open Door North East

Simon Rogalski | Wed, 14th Nov 2018

This Christmas we would love to bless all those people who are destitute that come to Open Door North East. In previous years we've asked for a shoe box or a gift bag with small gifts for the 40-50 destitute asylum seekers they serve each week. These are people who have no right to work, no entitlement to benefits and more often than not, no entitlement to housing. They are severely marginalised in our society, often living an isolated life without knowing who to turn to for help.

However this year, as there are other charities in the area doing a similar thing, we don't want to duplicate what they're doing. So we're asking if you could consider buying one gift for someone, costing around £5 - £10. Could you buy something like a toiletries set or a nice box of chocolates or biscuits or something else? We are currently helping more men than women so men's gifts would be preferred.

Please bring your gift to one of our Sunday meetings or take it to Melbourne House, Newport Road, Middlesbrough before Wednesday 12th December. Speak to Liz Winstone or contact Open Door North East on 01642 213634 or at if you have any questions. 

If you’d prefer to give a one-off financial donation, you can do this by giving a one-off donation to our 2020 challenge. please click here for more information about how to do this.

Thank you!

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