God's Glorious Church

Jeremy Simpkins | Sun, 2nd Oct 2016

Jeremy Simpkins, who leads new frontiers Christ central apostolic network speaks on Gods glorious vision for the church. Be inspired, provoked and challenged into how this affects you. Will you be the church that Jesus wants?

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Guest Speakers
Christ In You
The Hope Of Glory
Colossians 1:27
8th Sep 2019

As Christians we are called to share the joy-news of Jesus with those around us and whilst they are not the primary motivation, there are benefits that we receive through doing this. Adrian helps us to see five benefits that will, ultimately, bring us to a fuller understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.

Adrian Holloway
Guest Speakers
On The Road to Emmaus
Jesus restores hope
Luke 24:13-35
14th Jul 2019

The gospel writer Luke records that some of the first people that Jesus chooses to reveal himself to following his resurrection, are two disciples that were on their way out of Jerusalem. Andy helps us to see that Jesus comes to those who are downcast and have lost hope. The transforming message of his victory over sin and death changes us and sends us out into the world.

Andy Martin
Guest Speakers
The Challenge of Faith
Putting things in Jesus' hands
Mark 6: 30-44
2nd Sep 2018

Our friend Michael from Ho, Ghana helps us to understand that we can put things in Jesus' hands through the word, worship and prayer.

Michael Akotia
Guest Speakers
Digging Ditches
2 Kings 3: 14-19; Acts 2
18th Mar 2018

The word revival is back on the lips again of people in Newfrontiers and beyond! There’s a deep sense of faith, a call to prayer and a longing that God's compassion and power is released in the land. Our prayer meetings and preaching are lining up with the expectations that God is going to move again with power across this nation.

Jeremy Simpkins