Abel and Enoch

Faith That Pleases God

Simon Rogalski | Sun, 14th Jun 2020

Why are Abel and Enoch highlighted for their faith and how did they please God? Faith is not the things we think we can do to win over God, but a trust in who He is and His great promises.


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Victorious Faith
We Can Be Heroes
Hebrews 11: 32-34
9th Aug 2020

Can we be heroes of faith too? It seems that the writer of Hebrews wants us to know that faith heroes aren’t super-special people that we could never be. In fact, many of them go unnoticed. Lou continues our series with a verse that begins 'And what more shall I say?' Quite a lot apparently!


Lou Watts
Welcoming Faith - Rahab and Joshua
Boldness In Obedience
Hebrews 11: 30-31 Joshua 6: 1-5
2nd Aug 2020

As we come to our next two heroes, Gavin looks into the faith shown by Rahab in welcoming in the spies and what that can teach us about providing a welcome to those around us. In the second part of this talk, we look at Joshua's obedience in following God's specific instructions about the walls of Jericho. What would it look like if we showed the same obedience in our day-to-day lives?


Gavin Rodgers
Defining Moments
Hebrews 11: 23 - 29
26th Jul 2020

At a time of great hardship, God raised up Moses. However, He would show him that it was going to be a faith journey from start to finish. The same is true for us!


Harold Wilmshurst
Egypt and Exodus
Hebrews 11: 22
19th Jul 2020

Joseph's life took him from being the favourite son to a slave, a prisoner and then to a powerful Egyptian official. Even as he neared death, he knew that his God was faithful and would fulfil promises for His people.


Soroush Sadeghzadeh