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Come the Revolution
Two Ways To Live
Decisions, Decisions
Matthew 7: 13-27
16th Jan 2022

We live in a culture that says we can choose whichever path we want. 'If it's true for you then it's true'. But Jesus here is very controversially saying 'No!' There are only two paths, two decisions. One towards him and one away from him, and what we choose will have eternal consequences!


Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
Do Not Judge
Kingdom Vigilance Against Pride
Matthew 6: 1-12
9th Jan 2022

Using a memorable illustration about sawdust and planks, Jesus tells his followers not to judge others. Chris helps us to understand how we apply this to our community life together.


Chris Onyedinma
Come the Revolution
Worry Or Worship?
Dealing With A Common Issue
Matthew 6: 25-34
2nd Jan 2022

As we start off a new year continuing our series in Matthew we come to Jesus' teaching on one of the most relevant topics for today's society. Why do we worry so much? What is it that makes worry a natural response for us as people?


Gavin Rodgers
Elders Letters
A Good Diet
Reading the Bible through the year
29th Dec 2021

Want to read the Bible more in 2022? Simon gives some practical pointers to resources which might help.

Simon Rogalski
Come the Revolution
3 P's of Christmas
God’s Protection, God’s Purpose, God’s Provision
Matthew 2: 13-23
26th Dec 2021

As we come to the end of Matthew's account of the Christmas story we get some drama! King Herod makes plans to try and kill Jesus, ordering that all baby boys under the age of 2 be killed. As we read through this account, we see firsthand the Protection of God, the Purpose of God and the Provision of God - a real reminder that he is in control and we can trust him.


Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Follow The Star
Wise Guys
Matthew 2: 1-12
19th Dec 2021

The visit of the Magi to Jesus shows us that there are two responses to God's good news. In our run-up to Christmas, Simon shows how this account tells us that Jesus is the true king.


Simon Rogalski
Elders Letters
What We've Been Reading
2021 in Books
18th Dec 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, the Jubilee Elders share about some of the best books they have read this year. 

Jubilee Church Teesside
The Christmas Story
I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life
Christmas Carols Message
John 14: 6
12th Dec 2021

When the baby Jesus of Christmas was in his 30s, he said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life'. At our Christmas Carols Celebration, Raj explores what he meant.

Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
Do Not Be Afraid
Joseph, Mary And An Angel
Matthew 1: 18-25
5th Dec 2021

How do we respond when situations in life seem messy and complicated? As we look at the birth of Jesus, we see that Joseph was told not to fear and to look to God's promise to rescue his people.


Shirley Graham
Elders Letters
John 1
1st Dec 2021

Well, it’s that time again! Where are the Christmas lights and in what state will we find them?!  Will they be tangled and take hours to unwind?  Will some of the bulbs be out, making them all go dark?  Will they even be there?

Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
Kingdom Obedience
A Subversive Lifestyle
Matthew 5: 17-48
21st Nov 2021

The Sermon On The Mount isn't simply taught so we behave better. It's a heart-capturing call to live counter-culturally so that the world might know that Jesus is king!


Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
Hope Sunday
Salt and Light
Matthew 5: 13-16
14th Nov 2021

Jesus tells his followers to be 'salt and light' but what exactly does that mean? As we celebrate the work of the Hope Foundation, Sue tells the story of God's miraculous provision over the last 27 years and encourages us all that we can each be salt and light to the people that we meet.


Sue Kearney
Come the Revolution
The Beatitudes
Show And Tell From Jesus
Matthew 5: 1-12
7th Nov 2021

As Jesus begins to preach, he announces that the most unlikely people are blessed. The crowds listening would have been so surprised that he was talking about them!


Simon Rogalski
Elders Letters
Jesus, I have my doubts
Asking big questions
1st Nov 2021

Is it ok to have doubts? How do we go about processing some of the things that we see happening in the world around us? In this article, Gavin asks some big questions. 

Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Jesus' Enemy
Facing Temptation
Matthew 4: 1-11
31st Oct 2021

After the amazing high of his Baptism, we come to the next part of the story for Jesus. After 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, Jesus has to face Satan and temptation in the first test of his ministry. We can rely on Jesus in situations of Temptation because we know that he too has been tempted. How do you cope when you are faced with situations of temptation?


Gavin Rodgers
Come the Revolution
Jesus' Baptism
Welcome To The Dance
Matthew 3: 13-17
24th Oct 2021

In this account of Jesus’ baptism, Matthew is introducing us to the Triune God. What on earth does that mean? Listen on!


Raj Saha
Come the Revolution
Preparing For The King
Deserts, Locusts, Honey and Vipers
Matthew 3: 1-12
17th Oct 2021

Change is not something that comes easily to us, yet this was John the Baptist's message. 'Turn the direction you're going in!' Simon looks at why repentance is so important to John and to the joy-news message of Jesus.


Simon Rogalski
Come the Revolution
Jesus Brings Hope And Healing
The Kingdom Is Near
Matthew 4: 12-25
10th Oct 2021

In a world where kings could dispose of their enemies without trial, Jesus' announcement that a new kingdom was near was explosive!


Raj Saha
Elders Letters
Storyboards and crayons
Mary at the tomb
John 20:1-18
8th Oct 2021

When Mary went to the tomb early on that first Sunday after Jesus' crucifixion, she would not have expected what was to come. Jesus' 'story' and mission however is bigger and greater than ours.

Simon Rogalski
Come the Revolution
The Genealogy Of Jesus
A Place For Everyone!
Matthew 1: 1-17
3rd Oct 2021

As we start our brand new series looking at Matthew's Gospel we are presented with a description of Jesus' family tree in Matthew 1. Forty-two generations, name after name after name - what a way to start a book! In this talk, Gavin unpacks the importance of Jesus' genealogy and how this is much more than just a list of names!


Gavin Rodgers