Studying in Teesside

We passionately believe that God’s heart is for students of all ages. Whether you’re a Fresher just moved to Teesside, or a mature student taking a part-time course at one of the local campuses, you are really welcome at Jubilee.

Throughout the years, Jubilee has been a home-church to many studying in Teesside. Some have chosen to stay, and even now are in leadership in Jubilee, others have stayed for a few years and then been sent out to join other churches, and some called us home until graduation, jobs or life called them elsewhere. Whatever the story, all are welcome, and the relationships and journey continue on for each of us.

Not just the leaders for tomorrow, we believe that students are and can be, the leaders of today. We encourage all to belong, take part and serve in the life of the church. Students enrich the family of Jubilee and help to spur us on in our love for Jesus, and our mission of sharing Jesus throughout the University of Teesside, Queen’s Campus Durham and the surrounding colleges.

We encourage all students to invest in their local mission on campus through the work of Christian Unions, not as a replacement for church, but as a specific extension of the church to share Jesus. We’re always excited to have some of our past students as CU Presidents and Committee members. We continue to support and invest in the work of both Teesside University Christian Union (TUCU) and the Queen’s Campus Durham Christian Union (QCCU).

God has a purpose for your life, and if your studies have brought you to Teesside, it’s not by accident, we believe that it’s part of God’s plan for you. A plan that doesn’t need to wait for graduation, but a plan for your life that has already begun. A plan that can be worked out through the loving and encouraging environment of the local church.

Just as students enrich the life of Jubilee Church Teesside, we believe that the church enriches the life of every student. Whatever your stage of life; the love, support, friendship and family found within a local church, can be a critical component of your University experience and growing in maturity in faith.

And of course, don’t forget the free food...

Last Updated: Tue, 4th Oct 2016

"When I first went to Jubilee Church I was an 18 year old, Northern Irish girl who was looking for a welcoming church family after moving to university, and that’s what Jubilee was. I quickly made friends from all stages of life, who wanted to get to know me and support me. At Jubilee I was challenged to take a deeper look at my faith and I was warmly welcomed into a community. Plus the food at student lunches was great!"

Naomi, Primary Ed, Durham Queens Campus

Meet the Team:

Matthew Maude
Community Group Leader

Matthew currently leads the Southside Community Group alongside his wife, Miriam, as well as serving on the Devoted at Linthorpe Road team. Matthew is part of the Worship Team and also provides Technical Support to the church office.

Miriam Maude
Community Group Leader

Miriam leads the Southside Community Group alongside her husband, Matthew, and together they serve on the Devoted at Linthorpe team. She is also part of the Creche team on Sunday mornings.

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