God's Big Picture

Encountering God

Tue, 31st Oct 2017 | 19:15:00-21:30:00
Linthorpe Road Resource Centre

To celebrate 500 years since the Reformation, this God's Big Picture will be a film night, at a new venue, on a different day, at a different time.

This month we will be gathering together to watch a film celebrating the Reformation, 500 years on from when Martin Luther radically challenged the Church, resulting in the free availability of scripture in hundreds of languages around the world. The reformation affects us further still, with many aspects of Church and culture being changed forever. But, in all that time - it still remains all about Jesus.

We will be starting at 7:15pm at Linthorpe Road Resource Centre on Tuesday, 31st October. The film focuses on the life of Martin Luther, who was so provocative in bringing Reform to the Church.

The evening is free, and refreshments will be provided.




Linthorpe Road Resource Centre
54 Borough Road
01642 807089