Introducing the essentials of Christian living

Mon, 7th Sep 2020 | 20:00:00-21:15:00
Online via Zoom

This is an excellent follow on from Alpha where we explore some of the foundations of the Christian faith. 

Foundations is our follow on course from Alpha which is ideal for anyone who has completed Alpha or is new to Jubilee Church Teesside. Spanning over 6 evenings this course explores some of the foundational aspects of the Christian life. Due to the current restrictions we will be holding these evenings online over Zoom with brand new recorded videos from the team at Jubilee Church Teesside. 

Similarly to Alpha online these evenings will always start with a social time together to grow in friendship with others on the course be watching some short vidoes unpacking these foundational topics before moving into small breakout discussions groups for bible readings and discussions.

If you enjoyed our Online Alpha course you will enjoy the familiar feel to these evenings, why not continue your journey by completing Foundations at Jubilee Church Teesside?


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Online via Zoom