Rob Earl

Football Team Coach

Rob leads the Jubilee Football Club management team to run the football team and enjoys nothing more than putting the team through their paces with a number of fitness drills.

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I believe
God is Love
Good news for everyone
1 John 4: 7-10
29th Jul 2018

In the first of our short Summer series we focus on ‘God is love’. Knowing that God loves us with a perfect love, truly transforms who we are and helps us to love those around us.

Rob Earl
The Gift of Singleness
God’s Life of Purpose
19th Nov 2017

We live in a world where singleness can be viewed very negatively. There is a strong pressure to be in a relationship with a partner. The challenges of singleness can also be great. But the Apostle Paul and Jesus himself lived the single life….a life that Jesus described as 'Life to the Full'! How are we to encourage each other in the church and address all the benefits and all the challenges that go with being single? How does God’s family step up to the mark of biblical teaching? How can single men and women lead a life of purpose against the cultural tide of the times? Rob Earl and Lou Watts today unpack some of these issues from personal experience and a biblical viewpoint.

Rob Earl, Lou Watts
God Is
My Provider
Yes, No and Wait
Genesis 22:1-19
20th Aug 2017

God Provides for all of his children abundantly but sometimes his provision includes answering our prayers in unexpected ways to test our faith. This was definitely the case for Abraham!

Rob Earl
Easter Sunday
How do you eat yours?
John 14:1-6
27th Mar 2016
Rob Earl