Luke Holliday

Group Leader

Luke helps to lead 'God's Big Picture', our monthly theology Thursdays. Luke has a real gift for teaching and is involved in various aspects of this within the church. 

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Luke's latest Resources:

Hello Jesus
The Samaritan Woman
A story with many layers
John 4: 1-30, 39-42
20th Nov 2016

Come on a journey as a Samaritan Woman meets with Jesus. We will explore the encounter in the context of the culture at the time and see how this speaks powerfully into our lives today.

Luke Holliday
Releasing Everyone
Know Scripture
2 Timothy 3:10-17
31st Jul 2016
Luke Holliday
Knowing God
The great 'I AM'
Face to Face with God
Exodus 3:1
9th Aug 2015

Part of our 2015 Summer Sundays

Luke Holliday