Meet the Team

Behind the Scenes

Gill Catterall
Pastoral Care Team

Gill heads up the pastoral team at Jubilee. She has a wealth of experience from working in teaching and mental health services as well as guiding her now grown-up children through seasons of life.

Dave Gibson
PA Team Leader

Dave is the man behind the desk on Sunday mornings. He runs the PA team working hard to get all of the sounds right. Dave is also part of our worship team and puts hours into leading our Christmas choir each year.

Lynn Gibson
Finance & Office Team

Lynn forms part of our office team, serving in a number of administrative and finance capacities. She can often be found in the church office, serving the wider mission of the church.

Shirley Graham
Worship Leader, Kids Worker, Sparklers Team

Shirley is part of the Sparklers team, as well as forming part of the Alpha team. Shirley can also be found leading worship on Sunday mornings.

Sue Kearney
Community Group Leader

Sue leads the Eastnet Community Group, alongside her husband, John, whilst also serving on the Devoted at Hope House team. Sue is the CEO of the Hope Foundation.

John Kearney
Community Group Leader

John and his wife, Sue, lead the Community Group, also forming part of the Hope House Devoted Team. John is also part of the Jubilee Football Club management team. 

Angela Knight
Hospitality Team Leader

Angela leads the Hospitality team.

Jonathan Knight

As well as leading the Hospitality team at Jubilee, Jonathan is also a trustee and assists with the finances and decision making at Jubilee.

Gavin Rodgers

Gavin serves on the Eldership team at Jubilee playing a part in the oversight of the Church. He has been an Elder since May 2017; he also leads the Youth Work at Jubilee alongside his wife, Hayley.

Hayley Rodgers
Youth Leader

Hayley leads the Youth Work at Jubilee working with 11-18 year olds. Hayley is responsible for the organisation and administration within the Youth team. Alongside her husband, Gavin, she plays a valuable role in serving the life and vision of the Church.

Jodie Rogalski
Kids Worker

Jodie is part of the Children's Work at Jubilee. Alongside her husband, Simon, she plays a valuable role in serving the life and vision of the Church.

Simon Rogalski

Simon serves on our Eldership Team playing an integral role in the oversight of the Church. Simon, and his wife, Jodie, can often be found behind the scenes making everything happen.

Charlotte Saha
Crèche Worker, Worship Team

Charlotte and her husband, Raj, are key facilitators to the life of the Church, regularly hosting visiting speakers, leadership teams, families and other groups in their home. Charlotte also serves as part of the Crèche, Worship and Devoted at Middlesbrough teams. 

Raj Saha
Lead Elder

Raj leads our Eldership Team and is instrumental in the oversight of the church. Together with his wife Charlotte, Raj invests in all areas of the Church and our teams.

Julie Travis
Kids Worker, Jubilee Tots

Julie is a committed member of the Children's Work team at Jubilee. Julie is also part of the Jubilee Tots team.

Liz Winstone
Community Group Leader

Liz leads a Community Group alongside her husband, Paul, and together, they serve the Devoted at Costa team.

Paul Winstone
Community Group Leader

Paul leads a Community Group alonside his, wife Liz. He is also serves on the Devoted at Costa team.

Val Yare
Health and Safety Consultant

Val assists us with various aspects of health and safety within Jubilee and also helps out with administration in the church office.